Up & Coming Sprintstar – 23 January 2016 – Sydney Harbour Racecourse

Up & Coming Sprintstar



Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 2 Secret Pact Dixon Racing Pierre Strydom 1:09.265
2 11 Mohair Holiday Gray Dog Stables Deidra Bednarski 1:10.072
3 3 Foolish Games Allison Racing Allen Beckham 1:10.257
4 8 Bosphorus Yorulmaz Irena Kerk 1:10.458
5 5 Caviar Dreams Blackjack Farms Deadra Simek 1:10.557

The best 6yo sprinters from across the globe go head to head in one of the most sought after cups on Track King. Who will reign supreme and go on to become the next Big Sprintstar?

1. Flying Sienna

6yo mare from flying spurs, Career earnings: $2,649,020
Overall rating: Grand(68) – Competitive

Form: 1,2,3,3,3

2. Secret Pact

6yo mare from Dixon Racing, Career earnings: $3,861,542
Overall rating: Tremendous(71) – Competitive

Form: 1,9,1,1,1

3. Foolish Games

6yo mare from Allison Racing, Career earnings: $591,738
Overall rating: Tremendous(72)

Form: 9,10,14,1,4

4. Order Charmz White

6yo mare from Cajun Stables, Career earnings: $778,701
Overall rating: Grand(68) – Competitive

Form: 1,1,1,6,4

5. Caviar Dreams

6yo mare from Blackjack Farms, Career earnings: $1,711,949
Overall rating: Grand(68) – Breakaway

Form: 1,4,2,7,2

6. Fraggle Rock

6yo mare from The Judda Yard, Career earnings: $2,114,994
Overall rating: Tremendous(72) – Unpredictable

Form: 1,3,1,6,2

7. Darling

6yo mare from Rawhide, Career earnings: $548,232
Overall rating: Grand(65) – Competitive

Form: 7,13,3,2,3

8. Bosphorus

6yo stallion from Yorulmaz, Career earnings: $2,168,820
Overall rating: Tremendous(70) – Early sprinter

Form: 8,1,10,3,5

9. Track Slippers

6yo mare from Diet Coke Horses, Career earnings: $1,258,054
Overall rating: Grand(65) – Fast finisher

Form: 4,11,6,5,4

10. Noddy Bindi

6yo mare from Dark Times, Career earnings: $160,000
Overall rating: Grand(69)

Form: 1,6

11. Mohair Holiday

6yo mare from Gray Dog Stables, Career earnings: $1,559,667
Overall rating: Grand(68) – Fast finisher

Form: 6,3,4,6,1

Flying Sienna, a 6yo competitive grey mare out of flying spurs stable have been a very consistent runner. 19 career starts and 18 top 5 finishes. Finishing 3rd in last weekend heat, owner chrissya middle name “competitor” is always competing hard and seem to be in every cup race, every season. Collecting world cup lucky number #13 in this race should not come as a surprise for Ms. C.

A stable on the rise, Dixon Racing, bring to the track the morning line odds favorite Secret Pact. The 6yo competitive bay mare is last season Emerald Shoe champion and last weekend gallop home winning her respective heat race. Owner Pedantic32 have Triple Crown ambitions this season and winning the Sprintstar will be one hurdle to jump over to move one step closer on the road to the crown.

Allison Racing, lead on to the track a 6yo mare by the name of Foolish Games. If you don’t like anything about this horse you have to love the name. But here are some things I do like about this horse besides her name. She enters the race with a 72 overall rating and a 17 sprint xp. She is unstyled which can be a plus or a minus depending on what day it is.

Order Charmz Whiteis racing out of Cajun StablesThe 6yo competitive chestnut mare has been running a mixture of short and sprint races and seem to not have found her niche to date. She come into the race with 68 overall rating which is very nice, but don’t have much sprint xp as some of the other runners.

Caviar Dreams, hail out of Blackjack Farms. The roan breakaway mare finally faced some of her competitors last season in the Aussie Down Under Sprint, and finish 4th in a very tight contest. She enter this race as an X-factor, with some very nice times in some of her past stake races. With a nice 2nd in last weekend heat, the confidence might be growing in this horse abilities.

Fraggle Rock, is a 6yo dark bay unpredictable mare and a world cup sprint champion winning last season Aussie Down Under Sprint, giving The Judda Yard its first world cup victory. With a 72 overall rating and a 14 sprint xp, this unpredictable mare would love to duplicate that performance and give her owner his 2nd world cup.

Darling, a 6yo competitive bay mare out of the Rawhide barn enter as the only horse to not have won a race. The maiden has been showing signs of life of late, but the journey facing this tough competition will be asking a lot to secure her first victory.

Bosphorus, an early sprinter chestnut stallion will be out in front leading the way when the gates pop open. This stallion out of Yorulmaz, has a punchers chance if he can somehow control the pace of the race. He’s the only early sprinter in the race coming in with a 70 overall rating and a 18 sprint xp.

Track Slippers, racing out of Diet Coke Horses, the fast finisher grey mare has been competing her heart out against the giants, but haven’t really had any great showings on the big stage. The task will be tough for this mare to place in the top echelon.

Noddy Bindi, enters the Sprintstar as a little unknown with only 2 career starts. The unstyled 6yo bay mare come into the race with an overall 68 rating and a 9 sprint xp. The lack of experience at this stage of the game against this competition might work against her.

Mohair Holiday, a fast finisher bay mare out of Gray Dog Stables, did something last weekend that most bettors didn’t see coming and that is she won her heat race last weekend against some of the top contenders in this final. This horse just might be peaking at the right time and with a fast finisher style on a good track this just might be what the doctor ordered. With a 68 overall rating and a 19 sprint xp, runners might want to be very aware to where this horse is lurking at, at all times, she might be the sleeper.

Ladies, and Gentleman, that is your post position runners for Season 34 Sprintstar Cup.

Please make sure to make your predictions in the comment area and place your bets and see if you can come up with the winner.

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