The Grand Prix Stakes – 23rd March 2018

Grand Prix Stakes

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 2 Gump Foil ARB Stables Dulce Boldman N/A
2 6,1 Kasandra Starz woodchuckers Kim Nakanishi N/A
3 3 Ps One Long Stroke Priceless Speedsters !Karrot Karrier! N/A
4 1,1 Wolf Power Dixon Racing Reyes Firkey N/A
5 4,4 Bambam Gunner Sootie !Hildred Mang! N/A
6 (scratched) N/A
7 1,2,4,6 Coalition Of Chaos Lozzy Stables Juan Kincessantly N/A
8 9,7,5 Devil Fritz Le Saint Stables !Giuseppe Schiebel! N/A
9 2 Northerns Princess Northern Light Acres Sherlyn Jovanovich N/A
10 3 Call Me Square Get Square Lodge Delfina Develbiss N/A
11 1 Wild Wild West Angel’s Flight Isaias Firkey N/A
12 5,7 Me Tie Face Double U Stables Felicia Feltham N/A
13 3,8,4 Sunlight light weight Janita Hoffer N/A
14 1,2,9 Air Horse One Pugstable Christinia Dekok N/A
15 2,3 Crymea Mikey Rawhide Chong Hallisey N/A
16 Coloso Beach Dance Stud Del Negro Desirae Rosenbalm N/A
17 5,7 Big Bad Executive
Lissette Roop N/A


Pre-race comments from:

Angel’s Flight– “Don’t you just love the babies, young, green and full of vigor. Wolf Power, Kasandra Starz, and Northerns Princess, look like the class of the field. Wild Wild West is like Mozart, young, fresh and lusty.”

woodchucker – “I wrote a essay mate best field I been in for a age and I am just in for a go I am excited believe it or not because I am off every horse in it in rating and experience yet excited to be back to making more from less and see if I can still be in the mix.”

Pugstable – “AH1 will be starting from wide out in a big field. Although she has the pace to lead we will be going slow to even tempo early and leaving it up the the jockey (who is having a crash course in morale tonight and a race tomorrow to get morale up) to keep the best and fastest 1/4 to be the last. I just can’t let them get to far in front coming into the last 1/4 I want to be just behind them and then hit the go button. Well thats the plan Capn. Hardest to beat will be Ped and quite a string of quality horses, Angel, Woody, Rawhide Priceless, Sooty and ARB – heck most of the field can win on their day. Good luck to all in the final, should be a beauty.”

Double U Stables – “My stable has no chance. This is a three horse race and highlights the biggest problem in the game. Wolf Power has raced twice but has 6xp in distance and track condition. Wild Wild West has raced once and has 5xp distance and track condition xp. Air Horse One has raced three times (one at Sprint distance) and has 8xp distance and 7xp track condition. The winner will come from those three because of the xp all because they use training track repeatedly.”

Dixon Racing – “Air Horse One, Wild Wild West and Kasandra Starz will be our main dangers. They have good exp, gained by focusing on not only their training but also training track – the harder you work, the luckier you get. Good luck to all.”

Northern Light Acres – “Princess is our most promising horse, the fact that she’s a filly that we bred ourselves makes it even more special. We are hoping for a top 5 finish.”

Lozzy Stables – “My filly has absolutely no chance at all and is just making up the numbers. Only running to gain some XP.”

ARB Stables – “It looks like Wolf Power is the one to watch out for. I’d be happy to sneak into the top 5 in a competitive field.”

Priceless Speedsters – “On paper AH1 is the out right favorite but Wolf Power has ate his lunch already. Kasandra and Wild Wild West should also challenge for the hardware. While you are busy with the usual winners One long Stroke is going to slide in the mix. Good luck to everyone.”

Get Square Lodge – “Looking forward to seeing how this filly handles the better class of horse in the final….lacks distance experience but should be hitting the line hard at the business end. Good luck to all runners.”

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