The Champagne Stakes – 23rd March 2018

Champagne Stakes

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 1 Addie Over Smokey Addictive Racing Leonel Maguet N/A
2 1 Beyond Memory Black Opal Londa Koslan N/A
3 2,3 Okay Cabernet Spuraholics Roxane Melochick N/A
4 1 Midnight Man junior’s farms Dulce Melodia N/A
5 1,11,2 Nutty Crossing countrry boy Chantelle Rewerts N/A
6 2,4 Clause Rosette countrry boy Lily Linnane N/A
7 3 Sonstar Fitzy’s Racing Club Les Gibes N/A
8 4,7 Craving Moon Full Moon Stable Minta Crum N/A
9 3,1 Scotty Dorrads Stud Del Negro Johna Stormont N/A
10 1,11,8,7,5 Winbow Otherwise Tony’s Trotters Maurice Dabadie N/A
11 Ghetto Superstar Allison Racing Kacy Devitto N/A
12 5,4,6 Aspire Stony hiz land Faviola Brunn N/A


Pre-race comments from:

Black Opal– “Mate we are in it for the experience only. I fully expect Addie Over Smokey and Midnight Man to fight the race out. Having said that, Beyond Memory ran above expectations winning the Prelude, so she deserves a crack the final. Looking forward to it.”

Full Moon Stable – “My colt, Craving Moon has worked well since it’s 4th to Midnight Man about 5 weeks ago over the same distance. I think the track might end up as slow on race day and Midnight Man won on a slow track. It’ll be interesting. I expect Craving Moon to be closer this time around. The other main threat is Addie Over Smokey. My other tip, Beyond Memory and Nutty Crossing won’t finish in the first three. I’m looking forward to it.”

junior’s farms – “The Champagne Stakes is upon us, and Junior’s Farms has decided to have a crack at it with its 2 yo competitive, Midnight Man, who ran a decent race in the Champagne Pre-Preview early in the season. I’ve done my best to train him up for this race, and have lost some hair due to him. Seems as though he is more interested in the fillies in the paddock than working in the weight room building muscle and shedding that baby fat. I guess Midnight Man is a good name for him. My little midget miler will have his work cut out for him attempting to best Addictive’s entry, my early fav, and a strong looking field. I hired an equestrian psychologist, who laid all the instruments a veterinarian would use to geld a horse, out on a table for MM to view in hopes of motivating him for this race. MM has a decent chance here, and hope to be hearing the song “Champagne Jam” as MM crosses the line in 1st. Good luck to all entrants!”

Fitzy’s Racing Club – “Only entered Sonstar in the heat as a last minute thing, I don’t think he has a show in winning but as they say you have to be in it to win it, fingers crossed.”

Addictive Racing – “Really confident going into this one. AO Smokey had a terrific run in the Preview just playing with the field until the 2nd half then using the Fast Finisher trait. Smokey is probably the nicest looking horse stat balance wise I have ever trained at this stage of the season. Anything but a win here is a fail.”

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