We Say Farewell To Another Legend Reds Breeding Stud

Reds Breeding Stud

Founded:28th Apr 2010
TK Nuts say farewell to a legend and the best breeder to ever grace Track King!
Its time for me to say goodbye to TK, I have written a couple of long ass posts over the last week or so and never really felt like it was exactly what i wanted to say, so i have decided instead just to leave a shorter post to say thank you for the amazing times i have had on the game, thank you for the years and years of entertainment and most of all thank you to the truly incredible friends that i have made here. My horses will be sold this coming week and my stable will go bot in its own time after that. If you would like a medium to keep in contact with me then feel free to shoot me a mail and il be sure to pass on my details. I know its a cliche but it really has been an emotional ride and i will remember the people of this game and these past years fondly. – Redlinekai


Total Won:15

Epona trophy2yo Long trophy2yo Sprint trophy3yo Middle trophyFast And trophyEpsom Derby trophy2yo Sprint trophyFast And trophyAustralian Spring Guineas trophyTrack King trophy4yo Long trophySo You Think trophyCox trophyFast And trophyChampagne Stakes

Total Won:5

Class 5 Classic trophyClass 2 Classic trophyClass 2 Classic trophySprinters trophySprinters trophy

Total Won:15

Class 5 LeagueClass 4 LeagueLesser Lights trophyClass 3 LeagueClass 2 LeagueClass 2 LeagueClass 2 LeagueClass 1 LeagueClass 1 LeagueClass 1 LeagueClass 1 LeagueClass 1 LeagueClass 4 LeagueClass 3 LeagueClass 2 League

Sir Lancelot

A champion dark bay colt, overall rating : Awe-inspiring(99)

Entered into Hall of Fame by:Reds Breeding Stud
Entered on:05th Oct 2013
Born:Fri 7th Jan 2011, bred by Rock and Roll Racing
Lineage:By Hairboy out of Big Llamrei (Family Tree)
Career earnings:$3,716,800

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Farewell comments from the TK community:
Take care my friend
From: AustinOwners Club
Never message or talked to a song time in my 3 moths play ,but I have red about you plenty of times to no that you will be miss by all of us here. I also have learned a deal by reading about and I thank you accordingly
From: pedantic32Owners Club
It’s been a privilege to enjoy this game with you mate, see you on the other side Smiley
From: ChopchopOwners Club
Take care, Red. You are a wonderful player and an even more wonderful person. And, you will be greatly missed. It has truly been a delight playing a game you were involved with and excelled in for so long. (I think I shall cry now.)
From: WhiskeyOwners Club
Thanks for all the advise Red,HugYou are a true HOFer in my book!ClapGood luck to you in your future adventures as you ride of into the Track King Sunset….Grin
From: BingOwners Club
Oh wow good bye & good luck you & your famyhave a incredible Christmas, all the best
From: datruf82Owners Club
I guess I can recall my spy. Feel free to blog your TS breeding tips. As another TK great bows out, leaves one to wonder why. Anyway hate to see you depart but good luck away from the game bud. Respect.
From: GM-PoidaOwners Club
It was nice having you in the game, Red, bye for now and take care. You’re always welcome if you choose to return in the future.
From: sk091175Owners Club
Take care mate Smiley
Take care, Red.
From: alexanderOwners Club
You will be missed. Peace
From: gtwestOwners Club
Red you are truly one of the greats! To say you will be missed is a gross understatement.
Take good care, and Godspeed!
From: savagepawOwners Club
One, if not the greatest breeder of consistently competitive and productive horses that this game has or will ever know. Your Legacy is cemented here at Track King. We all have our reasons to stay or leave at our endeavors in this life, may your future hold continued blessings from the good Lord above. Hard for me to fathom seeing RBS as a bot stable. Take Care Sir Red
From: SinthOwners Club
Sorry to see you go mate, you have been a legend in this game, especially breeding. Hope your health and life is ok, have fun.


From: lozzyOwners Club 
I don’t think we’ve ever raced in the many years we’ve played but of course I’ve heard of you as a good breeder. Was always on the lookout for your foals to try to get one but your reputation made even your less than top drawer ones unaffordable for me. One question – great breeding did you work it all out for yourself or were you advised the secret of a bit of both?
From: GM-RiddleyOwners Club
Sorry to see you go. Take care. Always be remembered for your amazing breeding feats and giving TK Sir Lancelot the greatest sire ever.
From: Booly15Owners Club
Week 1 foal auctions just won’t be the same without all those fine fine Reds foals to peruse. Wishing you all the best wherever life takes you.
I’ve owned my fair share of horses with Sir Lancelot blood in them and they were all great. You will be sorely missed, Red and not just for your prowess at breeding. Travel well, Mate, and I hope we see you back in the future.
From: AngelOwners Club
Take care my friend, you will be sorely missed. “Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.”
Sad to see you go Red. Hope all is well with you and yours! I greatly appreciate your willingness to share the fruit of your experience here and the patient and kind way in which you did so. You are a class act. Hope you find yourself missing TK and will head back this way someday soon!
From: GM-ersinsOwners Club
Sorry to see you go mate but all good things come to an end I guess. You set the standard in breeding in this game and will definitely be remembered by many till end of (TK) time. All the best.
From: cahit1Owners Club
Good luck with everything you do in future my friend, I think you were a gentlemen and the best breeder this game will ever see.
Very sorry to see you leave, but I guess you gave signals of that for a while. After achieving so much in the game I am not surprised to see you go. Thanks for all the horses you provided for me. Once again best wishes my good friend. Ps. About the comments of surprise on some great players leaving; This game requires a lot of attention, after being in it for a long time in such a game that demands your constant attention, it is easier to say farewell.
From: RhedOwners Club
One of the good guys – you will be sorely missed. Wishing you all the best.
 From: kdhmheOwners Club
Have a good time in the real world red, sorry to see you go. Maybe you will get the itch again one day. If not take care and happy future.
i wont say goodbye you will come back one day matt and we all will be here to say hi so catch you up soon matt in one form or another
 From: TaylorSwift

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