The Lowe Guineas – 27th January 2018

Lowe Guineas

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 2,1,1,1,1 Highly Arrogant Angel’s Flight Isaias Firkey N/A
2 1,1,3 Kestrel Marquise de Murga Hellen Walke N/A
3 4,6,1,2 Yippee Skippy Moonlight Stables !Isaias Tocchio! N/A
4 2,2,2 Winxx Tazdevil Kenna Busch N/A
5 3,3,1,3,1 Datil Tenacious Mane Equestrian !Rana Mayse! N/A
6 4,1,6,8,3 Lolly Badcock daddy coulls Trinity Delacy N/A
7 2,5,2,1 Purple Patch Pugstable Delta Leeming N/A
8 9,8,5,5,2 Chakra Babe White Star Sun Konick N/A
9 1,7,1,2,4 Victoria Bitter O’Reilly Park Zora Burlock N/A

Pre-race comments from:

Angel’s Flight– “A real uphill battle, this will be Highly Arrogant toughest challenge to date facing the muddies on there own habitat. She will be ready to go and I’m anticipating for her to give a gallant effort. Good luck to all the participants in the race.”

Marquise de Murga– “Kestrel came in 3rd in the previous race, ran a OK race. He’s in great form at present and has got his chance for a place. I think Highly Arrogant and Purple Patch are the ones to beat, but we are looking forward to the race and give it a shot.” 

Mane Equestrian – “I was caught napping and forgot to send a jockey so only ran in the Sunday heats. If Datil recovers well he should be in the mix.”

Tazdevil – “When I think about Winx running in her first cup its hard not to get excited, she is one of my first purchases (2yo )after Hareeba gave me advice on getting the stable heading in the right direction. I never really planned on her racing cups this early with her but after talking to the guys in the chat room they suggested only way to learn is get out and get your hands dirty. Being a cups rookie I made mistakes leading into the heat so had to run her in a Sunday heat ( not ideal ) so on the back foot really but will forge ahead and see what we can learn about racing the best looking at the heat run I can make a few subtle changes but chasing a top 5 only at this stage.”

White Star – “This could well be a close race between Angel’s Highly Arrogant and Pugstables Purple Patch. My entry Chakra Babe has a chance but everything has to come together for it have a chance of winning. At best I see Chakra coming in behind the 2 mentioned above as there are a number of good horses competing for the prize.”

Pugstable – “I really like this son of Kingsman. He was beaten by a whisker to Mane Equestrian’s Datil Tenacious in the 3 year old breeders last season. He gets his chance at redemption and goes into the race fully fit after an easy heat win. Back the 2 of them; and include Tazdevils horse Winxx. The grass hopper has improved very quickly to be in the elite class. Good luck Taz. I will be backing the 3 muddies.”

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