The Amethyst Trophy – 20th January 2018

Amethyst Trophy

Big Guns – Big Money!
Power combination set to do the talking again.

Secret Brainteaser bids for a third straight cup win on Saturday and, bar the pressure of the public expectation and money riding on his back, the son of I’ve Soiled Myself could face his hardest test to date. Manor Park Stud brings Beadman Madden to the track. He is in prime form, is as honest as the day is long and jumps from gate #3, He will be snapping at the heels of Secret Brainteaser.

It is difficult to look past Secret Brainteaser and Beadman Madden for the win.

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 2,1,1,1,1 Secret Brainteaser Dixon Racing Pilar Kreisher N/A
2 5,1,4,1,5 Sundown Flyer flying spurs Damian Brahler N/A
3 1,6,2,2,2 Beadman Madden Manor Park Stud Johnny Lopus N/A
4 1,3,3 Darkshade Karaka Breeders Norberto Stricklan N/A
5 9,7,6,3,10 Old Boy Racer djs stable Shantae Brunetta N/A
6 6,2,1,1,2 Cruise Lumpkin Snohomish Silence !Mika Kolker! N/A
7 1,1,4,3,4 Wolf King Winning Post Farm Leif Vinti N/A
8 7,1,1,2,1 Double Down Winning Post Farm !Huey Frankiewicz! N/A
9 5,7,5,4,1 Superstition regalroller Elwood Simens N/A
10 3,7,8,1,3 Mumsam Bonzo ghanainternational Louis Turnage N/A
11 10,6,5,1,9 Nirvana Cornol Great nags !Shela Tattershall! N/A
12 2,2,4,6 Immemorial Black Opal Londa Koslan N/A
13 5,3,5,4,7 Erlanger Tinkle Top Stables Callie Depratt N/A

Pre-race comments from:

djs stable– “Old Boy Racer will more than likely finish in last place, bet on others.” 

Snohomish Silence – “Was Secret teasing us and just messing with our brains or can Beadman really run mad with him? I think they’re one, two, respectively. Winning Post Farm has a duo running to prove who is the stable’s best. For my guy, I’m looking for Cruise Lumpkin to battle for a top 5 spot, which would be a considerable improvement over last season’s Slipper.”

Karaka Breeders – “Darkshade will be struggling to win this I think. He’s lacking in OR as he was a late and average foal, but I wanted to invest in him as a stud prospect. Will be ecstatic with a 3rd! Looking forward to the race though. Will be highly competitive. 
Good luck to all.”

regalroller – “Wasn’t planning on running the final but he paid his way in the heat so deserves a crack, has a jockey change so probably lucky to break into the top 5.”

flying spurs – “Sundown flyer is quite new to the stable seems to have a few kinks in her. I think she has the talent to compete and dead no problem but racing Manor Park and Pedantic I feel no bigger test, a top 5 is a realistic aim I feel.”

Dixon Racing – “Brainteaser has developed as expected since a brilliant Ascot Vale victory and should give a good account of himself in the Amethyst final. The dead ground will soften the edge on his fast finisher style so he will need to work harder to win it than in the past. Several runners caught the eye in the heats and a surprise result is certainly a possibility.”

Winning Post – “Wolf King came through a very tough heat to make the final but it’s hard to imagine that he will be able to trouble the market leaders. If he can finish in the top half of the field I will be delighted but he will have to put it all together on the day and he has been far from reliable in his short career to date.

Double Down cruised to his heat victory and whatever he does in the final his claim to fame remains that he has previously beat Secret Brainteaser. Once again the ground is not ideal for him but you can only win it if you enter and he may well be the better of our two runners.”

Tinkle Top Stables – “I don’t think I have near enough horse to be close in this race, but I was frustrated with my jockey in the preliminary heat and decided I’d give Erlanger a shot with a jock I have more confidence in. That being said, this race is as much a test of my progress as it is that of the horse and I’d be delighted with a Top 5 finish. Think this cup likely goes to Secret Brainteaser, though there’s several that could mount a serious challenge.”

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