The Ascot Vale Cup – 20th January 2018

Ascot Vale

The 1200m race restricted to three year olds has attracted a quality line-up with a host of good performers in the play.

The Woodchucker runner Gemzarstarz has excellent form, is unbeaten and the combination looks set for another big day today. Woogle Wood’s heat winner Deep Joy will be fit – he ran just behind Gemzarstarz in the Golden Slipper, end of last season and based on times in the heats, rates again as the main danger to the likely favorite.

It looks tough for the balance, but surprises are possible.

Rocket Man has pulled a great position draw but will need to up his game into this company. Drawn in gate #5, Apollo Kingz colt Kingz Starz was unplaced in the Golden Slipper and faces a stiff task of finding his winning form in this line-up. Evilution is a game sort and could challenge the big guns.

Zidane Soledad should enjoy the step up in trip but is another who steps up a good few rungs in class on what she has shown so far. Terror Nila should relish the extra and could be the dark horse in the race. 

Sinth’s Best Ever has not found his best stride yet and it would be foolish to overlook the boom expectations of him.

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 1,1,1,1 Gemzarstarz woodchuckers Britt Hangartner N/A
2 2,4,4,2,7 Rocket Man junior’s farms Anissa Molitoris N/A
3 2,2,1 Deep Joy Woogle Wood !Willy Vlautin! N/A
4 3,5,2,6 Evilution trouble racing Bambi Pokallas N/A
5 5,9,4 Kingz Starz light weight Garfield Traina N/A
6 6,2,2,3 Zidane Soledad Polenov Dedra Draghi N/A
7 4,3,6,2 Terror Nila ghanainternational Cleotilde Flaming N/A
8 3 Millcock Naamah Bucketboy Farms Shan Yaroch(A) N/A
9 7,3,8,2 Willis Addie Snowey’s Champs !Tyesha Sparrow! N/A
10 2,4,8,4,5 Sinth’s Best Ever Sinthville Frank Hayes N/A
11 8,4,10,3,4 Riverstone Kiwi Racing Mickie Lason N/A
12 3,2 Gaseous Fruits Folly !Amber Wilging! N/A

Pre-race comments from:

junior’s farms– “The Ascot Vale….Wow!…..My stable was very fortunate to welcome a very nice Competitive colt last season and now he is entered in this great race, as a 3 yo. Now I see he is in the middle of 8 or 9 mudlarks in what looks to be a very sloppy track. I have already been advised that I’m under investigation by ASPCA, and the Nevada Gaming Commission. I asked them what they were doing there, and they said HB sent them. My chances? After getting trampled out of the gates by all the muddies, Rocket Man will attempt to wiggle past Woogie and blast his way past Gemzarstarz. Well you never know in racing, right? Just as a consolation, I have reservations at the local pub, where I hope to be toasting my sentimental favorite, Sinth’s Best…..Looks like a dandy field. Good luck to all these good stables!!!” 

Snowey’s Champs – “I was pleased with the run in the heats but now it depends on the recovery which can be difficult for the youngsters.”

trouble racing – “The stable’s happy with Evilution’s evolution so far and I’m confident of a good result.

woodchuckers – “I am very hopeful of a win but finals it is really tough upsets happen. Woogie runner Deep Joy look good to me certainly come on since the Slipper on slow from what I saw in the heats. I think half a second between half a dozen horses, and how good a run was Bucketboy Millcock Naamah ran a cracker with a apprentice so I expect a tight final.”

Polenov – “Racing against so many mud-larks is scary, and I guess Gemzarstarz is a sure winner. I am hoping for a 5th place, but realistically I would be happy with placing in the first half of the field. “

Woogle Wood – “Deep Joy ranned a finy heat, and had a timbly bit in hando. Howevel it’s been a constantio struggly to get his stats sortled, and it’s still vary moch worky in progessly. Woody’s horse Gemzarstarz is the certiwan favouritey, rumpling the majortiry of theys rivals in the Goldio Slipperoo, so me and the others will no doubty have a similee view of its backsode as we did thar.
No deep joy, me thorkle.”

Bucketboy Farms – “It’s a strong field but have prepared my horse well will be happy with a top 3 finish.”

Kiwi Racing – “Riverstone will relish the track conditions, and was less than 1/2 a second behind Gemzarstarz in the lead up. Will overcome the wide gate easily, expecting to finish amongst the first 5. I think Deep Joy is the main danger here.”

Sinthville – “Well, where do we start. Yes my mule is the best I have ever bred and gave an OK showing in the Breeder`s 2yo. Made sense to enter her in the Epona, sorry Ascot Vale (see going wrong already). Weather, rain, AGAIN.. sheesh. Hardly perfect conditions for SBE but with a fairly respectable 8XP and 4XP on the ground she will hopefully not come last. Being a shrewd trainer I managed to bag her a great draw….10th. She does need space but I think she will be not be best pleased with the draw, sorry hun.
The competition, easy, the whole field but getting past the mudflickers when your eyes are full of it isnt likely. Will she get out in front of them? That`s the question, she is quirky and female so predicting what she will do is zero (wrong time of month for her also). I do have a soft spot for her whatever she does, even if she never comes home.”

Fruits Folly – “Gaseous ran well in the heats but I entered late so have a horrible draw and I would expect Gemzarstarz to win.”

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