The Australian Spring Guineas – 20th January 2018

Australian Spring Guineas

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 2,1,2 Captain’s Monk St Simon Racing Eliana Selnes N/A
2 1,4,8,2,1 Got To Be Square Get Square Lodge Tereasa Gerundo N/A
3 1,3,1,4 Dirty Li’l Secret Desert Wind Stables !Morgan Tague! N/A
4 8,5,3 Edinburgh Fringe Sootie !Virgie Steffens! N/A
5 4,3,7,3 Gremlin DR Stables !Kristina Yearsley! N/A
6 2,2,1 Red River Makers Mark SIV !Kathyrn Bonito! N/A
7 10,2 Big Bad Pedestrian Burgersfortheboyz Lissette Roop N/A
8 8,3,2,1,2 Ovine Founder River Rat Stables Tiffani Varble N/A
9 9,12,13,4,9 Devil’s Latara Dopey Donkeys Digs Velda Basques N/A
10 10,2,5 Middle Earth Gas Gaspers Ernesto Schearer N/A

Pre-race comments from:

St Simon Racing– “I am hoping for a much better run than the heat. Good luck to all the other competitors.”  

DR Stables – “Gremlin will have a different jockey and different race instructions in hopes of saving enough stamina to last the mile. Should finish top 5, but not sure he has what it takes to best Captain’s Monk.”

Makers Mark SIV – “Well, First off Smooth Finish will not be running the final. She was put in the qualifier just to get XP in shorts and on the track at SYN. 
Red River will be in the final. He is a horse the seems to run better than his stats suggest he should. I will admit he has been close to the auction barn a couple of times, but seems to do something to impress. With that said, I don’t expect him to win, Captain’s Monk is a great horse, I do expect him to finish higher that the bettors expect, as he did in the Champagne last season. It looks like a interesting race and Red River isn’t afraid to get muddy.”

Desert Wind Stables – “Difficult to really judge when running a short race and the final is medium but definitely disappointed that Dirty Li’l Secret seemed to lose steam in the final stretch, with a great run by Red River. Should place but doubt he will have a chance of winning the cup.”

Get Square Lodge – “Very happy with the prelude run but the final is going to be tough. Got to respect the St Simon and DR stables as they know how to win these type of races. A top 5 finish will be great if it can be achieved.”

Burgersfortheboyz – “Big Bad Pedestrian ran a credible 2nd in her heat so the hopes are for another podium finish in the Guineas final. Captains Monk has superior race distance XP to the rest of the field and will deservedly start favorite.”

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