The Sires Produce – 15th September 2017

Sires Produce

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 2 Paranoid Bristol Turks Bree Vascones N/A
2 3,4 Ps Dodgers Magoo Priceless Speedsters Clifton Escorza N/A
3 (scratched) N/A
4 2,3 Kumar Mr Roy stevesbest Alethea Bairo N/A
5 4 Big Bad Matriarch Burgersfortheboyz Lissette Roop N/A
6 3 Wild Jet Force Sadye Balley N/A
7 2 John Henry Angel’s Flight Leonel Maguet N/A
8 (scratched) N/A
9 1,1 Beowulf Dopey Donkeys Digs Marielle Finneran N/A
10 1,4,2,3,2 Power Slide Riffendal Stable Vaughn Decarolis N/A
11 1,14,9 Arms Amanda Le Saint Stables Mozell Warick N/A
12 Timbers Cappa Seahorse Racing Felisha Raguso N/A

Pre-race comments from:

stevesbest – “She is a good filly with a big heart, but she is up against a great field with a bunch of world cup winning stables, whatever the result we won’t be disappointed, she will only get better.”

Dopey Donkeys Digs – “Having won both qualifiers she entered – Beowolf must have a reasonable chance in the final! But anything can happen in these races – and it’s likely to be a very close finish.”

Bristol Turks – “Paranoid ran an ok preview in wk5 to qualify and I think I managed to balance him a little more since for the final. A lot depends on his partnership with the jockey so if all pieces fall into place Paranoid might be in the mix.”

Angel’s Flight– “Week 9 qualifier was a good test for the young John Henry, felt like he needed to stretch out a little farther then the race distance to get his motor going a bit. Should be a great field with some top stables to challenge.”

Force – “Wild Jet’s heat didn’t go as planned. Hopefully some RI adjustments will help, a top 3 finish will be his aim for this race.”

Burgersfortheboyz – “As with all 2 yr old races it really is more like a Bingo Cup, so many unknown quantities. Our filly is fit and ready to race, we will have to wait and see if she can land midfield to trigger the Stalker ability. Only 7 horses nominated so far in a World Cup for 2yr olds where XP doesnt play much of a factor. Staggering to see 1500 odd stables prefer to race their 2yo’s in no name stakes races up against the mighty bots or in apprentice races, instead of having a go at a World Cup. Defies belief.”

Riffendal Stable – “Power Slide – A well balanced colt not the fastest but this distance should very much suit, unpredictable so never can know how well he will run, place hopes.”

Priceless Speedsters – “We are leaning on luck for Dodgers in this one merely a race for experience.”

Seahorse Racing – “Our young colt Timbers Cappa might look intimidating to some, but in reality he’s just young, tall, gentle grass eater. He’s never raced before either, so he’s just as green as the grass he loves. The question is, can we motivate him to fulfill his potential? Our last minute jockey isn’t super confident about getting the job done but here at Seahorse Racing we have confidence that the pair will give it their very best. And that’s all we can ask for isn’t it? Let’s just say we’ve chosen the wide gate so that our giant horse won’t feel too claustrophobic at the start of the race. The plan is to get a quick start and find the rail immediately after the first battle. If we don’t succeed in doing that we’ll be out of the race before it really begins. Good luck to all involved in the race. Have fun out there!”

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