The Champagne Stakes – 15th September 2017

Champagne Stakes

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 2 Bat Out Of Hell Bristol Turks Earleen Walloch N/A
2 1,5 Genio Rhyme countrry boy Harland Dicapua N/A
3 2,3,5 Gorby’s Le Saint Stables Malika Fogg N/A
4 3,1 Almah Zepher Desert Wind Stables !Morgan Tague! N/A
5 1,2,3 Haze Of The Rum Makers Mark SIV Owen Mun N/A
6 2 Highly Arrogant Angel’s Flight Wayne Kinker N/A
7 4,13 Stocking Stinger Rawhide Exie Marzan N/A
8 1,3 Fun Bags Windy Hill !Fat Bastard! N/A
9 5 Daisy Duke Lucky Star Suzette Mcnicholas N/A
10 7,8,3,2 Lineup Carrots Riffendal Stable Scarlet Sottile N/A
11 2,5,7 Masked Horsey DR Stables Milissa Spaide N/A
12 Harrison stable BURNER Yanira Scaife N/A
13 Moondream Ezulwini Lilly Jahncke N/A

Pre-race comments from:

Makers Mark SIV – “Well it looks like the sun is going to shine for the week leading up to the race. With means at least a good track for this field loaded with fast finishers. Haze of the Rum couldn’t hold them of in the first round so we will have to see if a jockey change will help or hurt. Honestly if we cash a check here I will be very happy. What every happens it’s good experience which will only help down the road.”

Desert Wind Stables – “Had a disappointing crop of foals so only kept Almah for breeding and was surprised she did so well in the qualifier. Really not sure what to expect as haven’t trained particularly hard but stats are ok so maybe she will pull something special out of the bag.”

Bristol Turks – “Bat Out Of Hell is a rebreed and was a very fat foal at 544kg. So I didn’t think he’d be ready to race this season but seeing as he done ok in prelude I thought I’d chuck him in the final. He’s a bit behind the rest of the top horses in the field but with a little luck he will finish in the money.”

Angel’s Flight – “Running week 7, High Arrogant wasn’t in the best of shape, so it will be interesting to see if she has improved over the last 4 weeks. Still early though and with a Need Space style things can be a little dicey. 

Rawhide – “A top 5 place would be considered a decent achievement.”

Windy Hill – “Funbags might seem a bit top heavy, but she should be able to keep abreast with the leading pair. She may not be on the same rack as the bigguns of this season’s 2 y.o. crop, but I reckon she will surprise the knockers.”

Riffendal Stable – “Lineup Carrots – Has shaped up well in training, hopefully she will get the space she needs in the run-in to the line and hopefully run a strong race.”

DR Stables – “Not sure what to expect from Masked Horsey. Plenty of experience for a 2yo but lacks form. Outside post doesn’t help. Definitely an outsider in this field.”

Lucky Star – “Daisy Duke despite the lack of experience of some of her rivals is fit and well, hoping for a top 5 finish which will be a bonus.”

Ezulwini – “It’s Moondream’s first outing, so impossible to really know what to expect. He’s nicely prepared, so I hope he’ll be competitive, but it will be difficult from a wide gate position.”

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