The Golden Slipper – 15th September 2017

Golden Slipper

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 2 Secret Brainteaser Dixon Racing Pierre Strydom N/A
2 3,1,1 Double Down Winning Post Farm Kisha Castrellon N/A
3 3 Monday’s Mungo United Kennith Schneiderman N/A
4 4,5 Cruise Lumpkin Snohomish Silence Christene Tak N/A
5 3,13,2 Kewari Juanita Double U Stables Candis Lingardo N/A
6 6,2 Sardean Crumpet Sardean Lodge Tamesha Tajima N/A
7 7,5 Addie Over Bones Addictive Racing Kendall Gordley N/A
8 7,3,4 Sansa Stark Speed Breed Lupe Smouse N/A
9 1,1 Beadman Madden Manor Park Stud Aide Minicucci N/A
10 2,1,6 Superstition regalroller Malika Cochrum N/A
11 Mumsam Bonzo ghanainternational Cleotilde Flaming N/A
12 1,8 Flyers Shivers JamesBrown !Marianna Schuchmann! N/A
13 3,12,9 Dogface Gremlin Priceless Speedsters !Sugarcane Handler! N/A
14 5,3 Black Sin Sin666 Miriam Cribbin N/A
15 9 Cincinnati’s KILL BILL Meggan Springle N/A

Pre-race comments from:

Snohomish Silence – “Double Down has raced beautifully, but DR will let Brainteaser run full out in this one and demolish the field. As is always the case for me, I’m simply hoping for my first top five finish in an unrestricted World Cup. It’s possible here, but doubtful.”

Winning Post – “Double Down goes into the Golden Slipper Final with two wins under his belt. The ground caught him out on his debut but those last two runs put him on the map especially with the giant slaying of Secret Brainteaser. Pedantic is a great trainer but he’s obviously running scared. When I set up a HOOF race for under 50 runners he trains his colt up to 50 just to avoid my boy. We’ve beaten him once and will hope to again but, with Beadman Madden finally coming out of hiding, the race is expected to be between those two. May the best horse win.”

United – “This will be my first Golden Slipper so should be fun. I don’t give my my 2 year colt, Monday’s Mungo much chance…he’s an out and out short sprint machine and the 1200m will be a 300m too far I reckon….The instruction to the jockey will be to burst out of the gates and get a jump on the pack and see if he can hold on. They’ll start reeling him in at around the 700m so it’ll come down to how long he can hang on for. With Pedantic spending a fat $10M on his 2 year old and pumping a mountain of HOOF and training into his chance, he’ll be very hard to beat unless he gets stuck in traffic….which I hope happens 🙂 Still I reckon this would have to be one of the most expensively assembled 2 year races in the history of TK so will be well viewed and well backed by the rest of the community. I will be cobalt dosing my runner so as long as there aren’t any testers after the race, I’m in with a chance!!!!”

DoubleU – “I’m just hoping to be in the money. Might be 100m to long for my nag.”

Speed Breed – “The Golden Slipper is always an extremely competitive races with all the top 2 year olds battling it out at different distances. Sansa Stark however is a long shot, but she has shown some speed in the past. Many other horses have more exp and higher overall ratings, but she’s hoping to snatch victory away from the top runners, or at least finish in the top 3-5.”

Dixon Racing – “Brainteaser ran a solid 2nd in his debut and we will be looking for some improvement. The Breeders Cup winner will obviously be a challenger along with Double Down who looks special. Seems some young stables are finding 10 million reasons why they can’t win and as such don’t pose much of a threat.”

regalroller – “Couldn’t stay with them in the Prelude so coming here for the xp but hopefully the jockey change can give us a chance at some prize money. 
Will be chasing:
Beadman Madden the 2yo old breeders winner,
Secret Brainteaser the $10 mil top rated 2yo,
Double Down the preview and prelude winner.
Should be a good race.”

Priceless Speedsters – “Dogface has an outside chance but we will have to work for top 3. I believe Brainteaser should crush the field with top xp, OR and jockey but it’s a sprint anything can happen.”

JamesBrown – “It should be a very competitive race. I am hoping my horse performs well.”

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