The Grand Prix Stakes – 15th September 2017

Grand Prix Stakes

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 2 !Ashanti Starz! woodchuckers Britt Hangartner N/A
2 7,5 Ps Butterfly Kiss Priceless Speedsters Clifton Escorza N/A
3 1,2,3 Catchy Pugstable Sharen Schlichter N/A
4 10,4 Corn Smokey Fairlawns Sandee Ciubal N/A
5 1 Catfight Frankel Farm Grover Cardno N/A
6 2,2 Wild Magic Force Morgan Metallo N/A
7 2,3,4 Laska Star White Star Billy Bushwacker N/A
8 1 Kumbaya Angel’s Flight Wayne Kinker N/A
9 1,3 Datil Tenacious Mane Equestrian Jody Schulenberg N/A
10 Captain’s Crusade St Simon Racing Rebecka Decoster N/A
11 America Dona Riffendal Stable Scarlet Sottile N/A
12 4 Evans Murder Dotties Stables Shari Mealor N/A

Pre-race comments from:

Pugstable – “My horse has had 3 starts, for a win on the heavy, and been placed in both the main lead up races on the slow tracks. However he won’t measure up to the horses that have just been trained hard and training tracked once or twice a week for the last 10 or 11 weeks, with far superior experience and overall ratings. We will just be making up the numbers in the final. I will be happy to run in a top 5 or 6, with a lot of luck needed, just to do that. That’s just the way the system works. I think the masterfully well trained Captains Crusade will win the race at his first start. Good luck to all the final, and I hope all the horses race up their best on the day and make a real race of it, worthy of a world cup.”

Fairlawns – “Smokey is a home bred mudlark that likes to run long. If the ground turns wet as predicted she could finish in the top half of the race, maybe even sneak a place into the top five. Our jockey may let us down due to lack of long xp but I’m sure he will try his very best. Good luck all.”

woodchuckers – “Ashanti just in the early stages so no high expectations just hopeful of a good run. Based on her solid in the prelude certainly a show so hopeful she trains on well over the next 2 weeks. Looking at the breeders and preludes so far appears a open Grand Prix from what I have seen.”

White Star – “Laska Star has a chance in the Grand Prix. There are quite a few other muddies in the race which will make it difficult but if I can get the jockey can ride it well, with luck I will get into the placings. Good luck to everyone in the race.”

Angel’s Flight – “Kum ba yah (“Come by Here”) felt like I didn’t get the best out of this horse in the qualifier. Still a little green and with a little more seasoning he has plenty of room for improvement. Should be a nice field for the finals.”

Force – “”Wild Magic has been has been competitive, but needs another gear if he is to win this. Hopefully he has progressed enough since the breeder cup final to win in this open race.”

Mane Equestrian – “Not sure if I have the training right yet but she is a very good looking filly!”

St Simon Racing – “She is a very nice filly, been trained to go over epic distances. This race is just to get a feel for her, and to keep the other horses honest in the race. I will be very happy with a top 5 finish.”

Riffendal Stable – “America Dona – Best of my 3 2yo’s running on Friday, an imposing filly who should go well in this race, wetter conditions preferred but can hopefully be there about come the finish line.”

Priceless Speedsters – “An Experience race for Butterfly to get a glimpse of her peers so good luck all, it’s a toss up on who wins.”

Dotties Stables – “The 2yo races are always a bit of a lottery. Evans Murder has been training well so will be interesting to see how he compares against his age group.”

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