The Grand Prix de Paris – 24th June 2017

Grand Prix De Paris

The stable is showing a massive show of faith in new jockey Reyes Firkey, on the So You Think cup winner, Secret Emperor, who faces the biggest test of his career so far in the Grand Prix de Paris on Saturday. Breeders Cup winner Seaside Scandal gets her opportunity to put the ribbon on her big race berth when she takes on her rivals here. Her second in the So You Think cup was a top effort over a distance short of her best. The top runner from the Troublemaker’s stable, Skip Away, is a seasoned and capable stayer. He ran a very quiet race on his return in the heat on Saturday and he cannot be discounted at best. Lowe visitor Furiosa ran a cracker last time to win over the 1950m and the beautifully bred daughter of Not Too Soon may prove a dangerous customer. A fast improving 3yo, she stays well and must be a major runner. Movie star Katharine Hepburn is from the Blackberry Farms stable and she ran a fair second behind Skip Away on Saturday.

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 6,1,2,1,1 Secret Emperor Dixon Racing Reyes Firkey N/A
2 1,1,3,2,2 Seaside Scandal Desert Wind Stables Norine Whelihan N/A
3 5,2,1,5,1 !Skip Away! Troublemaker’s !Billy Bushwacker! N/A
4 3,3,2,3,1 Furiosa Karaka Breeders Cyrus Banas N/A
5 1,1,4,5,2 Elliot Genevieve Black Hooves Rosaline Calixte(A) N/A
6 1,2,2 Katharine Hepburn Blackberry Farms Coletta Rady N/A
7 3,2,6 Varsity Valkorum Deanna Salsa(A) N/A
8 1,2 Clancy Scott swindin Christoper Hores N/A
9 7,15,8,4 Platform Seven regalroller Rubi Bethune N/A
10 5,14,3 Texas Norther Estar Dakota Storm N/A
11 7,8,7,12,5 Bassman Coney Back in black Oralee Eliassen N/A


Pre-race comments from:

Valkorum – “”Looking forward to my first ever cup final. I am just hoping for a good showing from Varsity and some valuable experience for Deanna Salsa.”

Karaka Breeders – “Furiosa is a money chance. She ran ok time in the heats but it’ll be interesting to see how she copes with the epic journey. Although highly unlikely, if she was left alone in front in a slowly run race, then she’d have a chance. So her racing style is one dimensional… Good luck to all competing.”

Black Hooves – “Elliot Genevieve qualified as second of her heat, but with a time so distant from the best ones that we have no expectation about her. She is a decent 3rd yo filly that has a lot of growing space in front of her.
Unfortunately she spent a lot of energies to stay in the rush, so now our vets staff is trying to patch her up and allow her to have a decent shape for Saturday’s Final. Any result but the last place would be a moral victory for Black Hooves stable. I see a clear favourite in Captaen who scored an unbelievable winning time in the Sunday’s last heat. With a missing day of recovery it has to be seen if she has extra fuel to repeat herself. Moreover she was not registered yet for the final. We hope she is not injured, it’d be an heavy loss. The three winners of Saturday’s Heats are the other due favourites : Secret Emperor, Furiosa and Skip Away, the most rested should prevail, since it is an endurance run.”

Dixon Racing – “Emperor enjoyed a light breeze in the heat and the way new jockey Reyes Firkey handled the horse earned him a ride in the final. Realistically, the Natural Champions should have Emperor’s measure over the epic trip but if there is any chink in their armour, he will be ready to pounce. Good luck to all in what’s turned out to be a nice, competitive field.”

regalroller – “Won’t be fully fit and jockey has been going terribly. Only upside is the track might stay slow.”

Blackberry Farms – “Hmmm wondering if the ground will come up to dead as I hoped, will scratch if slow, as I
don’t have the horse for that. If dead will be in top 3 for the finish.”


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