The 3yo Short Breeder Cup -13th May 2017

3yo Breeder Cup Short

This looks without question to be the most open of the nine races on the Breeders Cup program. Moonlight Special could add to the Moonlight Stables celebrations but the chances of the other runners just cannot be ignored.

Exercise caution – its very open.

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 2,2,2,3,3 Black Sabbath Bristol Turks Bree Vascones N/A
2 1,1,2 Captain’s Quest St Simon Racing Eliana Selnes N/A
3 2,4,3,1,2 Village Idiot DR Stables Kristal Glunz N/A
4 1,1 Ultrasonic RCS Locos Frankie Rodier N/A
5 1,1 Arcadia Jazzman Racing Stripes !Jaqueline Borgman! N/A
6 3,5,1,4,1 Moonlight Special Moonlight Stables Paris Bissonnette N/A
7 5,1,3,5,4 Iron Belle YellonkY !Stephane Pitre! N/A
8 2,3,5 Blazing Worlds Gray Dog Stables Annis Ewert N/A
9 9,2,1,2,3 Walker Fantasy JaLaIs Kristeen Murdoch N/A
10 1,1,1,2,10 Kwon Marju Bajju ricardo Kiara Pridemore N/A

Pre-race comments from:

DR Stables – “Not sure if the track will be dead or good for the final. If the track goes good Village Idiot will contend for the win with three other horses. If the track is dead he will need a lot of racing luck to win. I believe the winner will come from one of the horses that finished first or second in Saturday’s heats. Should finish top five.”

Racing Stripes – “Arcadia Jazzman is a lightly raced colt who I only entered as the going was slow. He is more a sprinter so I think the final might be a bit fat for him.”

YellonkY – “She is a best horse I’ve breed for many seasons, so of course I have big expectation about her. The main factor will be weather – if track stays at slow, I’d be happy with any money, if not, will fight for getting this cup back to my stable  🙂  “

St Simon Racing – “It shapes up to be a very good race, with chances to quite a few runners. Based on the heat runs, we all have to beat Moonlight Special, she ran a cracker.”

Bristol Turks – “Black Sabbath is lacking in short XP and is behind the other top runners in OR. So in short he doesn’t have a lot going for him going into the final except maybe the weather. Looks like the going might remain slow in which case Sabbath maybe in contention for a Top3 place. Now, where is my rainmaking kit?

Gray Dog Stables – “Blazing Worlds was well positioned in his prelim until the slow ground took its toll and the jockey gave up. Here’s to hoping we can learn from our mistakes this time around.”

Moonlight Stables – “Moonlight Special ran a better heat race than I was expecting. A bit better than I was hoping for as his M.O. has been run a good heat and then flop along in the final-was trying to change that this time around. Nevertheless, still going for that elusive cup win with him – it’s a full moon this week-end 😉 “

RCS Locos – “Ultrasonic ran a good heat and I’m expecting a good run in the final. It’s a top class field with many who are capable so I’m looking forward to this one.”

JaLals – “Walker Fantasy is in for some stiff competition. Ground suits at this stage and the last time she backed up within a week was a career best performance. A top 5 finish in this company will be a bonus.”

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