The 2yo Long Breeder Cup -13th May 2017

2yo Breeder Cup Long

Its a very competitive race today – and most people will have different fancies. We chatted to the stables about their charges. Here are some of the comments.

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 3 Spirited Hothoof Rawhide David Avitia N/A
2 1 Hola Pitt Racing Stripes !Grover Cardno! N/A
3 1 Ultraconscientious Sinthville Les Gibes N/A
4 3 Leydi Yorulmaz Kelly Mettle N/A
5 1 Mumbai Riddley Walker Racin Kimberlee Hubbs N/A
6 2 Volturi TiltaWhirl Delfina Develbiss N/A
7 5 Yaa Asantewaa Estar Dakota Storm N/A
8 2 Luckbox New Scotland Yard Burt Bario N/A
9 4 I’m Da Machine Jesmans Kip Teahan N/A
10 5 Erhaab Millions Seahorse Racing Anjelica Verville N/A
11 4 Wish Lisboa Seahorse Racing Eloisa Coyne N/A
12 9 Hera Prudence Fake Northern Light Acres Chelsea Cuthrell N/A

Pre-race comments from:

GM – Riddley – “Mumbai has a chance based on her heat win. I would like a little more muscle in her stats and her stride should be longer. Ultraconscientious ran a faster time in his heat and looks the one to beat. I am hoping for the track to go to dead which will help. She has speed so will ping for the last quarter, just depends on seeing out the distance.”

Rawhide – “Anything could happen in this race. It’s a bit too early in their careers for training to have had much impact on the competitors – so look for the highest OR and best style for the conditions to do well. Mumbai looks the stand-out horse!”

Racing Stripes – “I was shocked by Hola Pitt‘s win as I have no idea what distance he should be running as his stats are very odd. It will depend on his recovery.”

Northern Light Acres – “Hera is the first foal I’ve bred so I’m not expecting to win or anything, just thought it would be good experience for my stable and filly.”

Seahorse Racing – “Erhaab Millions: Nothing is expected of this combo. The horse isn’t well prepared for this race and on top of that it’s piloted by the most inexperienced jockey in the field, our own ex-apprentice jockey Anjelica Verville. They placed 5th in the qualifier, but in all honesty they’re only in this for the experience. And because you never know..

Wish Lisboa: This horse is actually pretty good, a strong long distance runner, but he’s also totally inexperienced. Physically he’s much more suited for epic distance racing. Nontheless we are interested in how well he can do in a race like this, so he’ll run. Today he’s piloted by Eloisa Coyne, and it will be very first time they team up together. Will there be friction? Will they somehow be able to make it into the top-5? So many questions. We’ll know a lot more after the race. Good luck to all involved!”

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