The 2yo Sprint Breeder Cup -13th May 2017

The two year old arena is often a minefield of uncertainty and Saturday’s race looks a trappy one – with upset potential.
Eleven horses will line up at the 1200m start and with most sparingly raced and a few class out-of-towners in the mix, a categorical selection looks dicey.

We chatted to the stables about their charges. Here are some of the comments.

Race field

McGee’s Pub and Barn – “Aristo Alvin is a game filly that ran over 59 and placed 6th in a very tough qualifying race. I am hoping with better jockey instructions she will go over 60 and have a shot of getting in the money. But knowing my luck of the Irish, jock instructions will be wrong  😆  “

Racing Stripes – “Mastercard is unpredictable and this result certainly was. I have no idea how he will run again.”

Dotties Stables – “I never know what to expect with the young horses so I was pleasantly surprised to win the heat with Integra Buba. I hope he repeats the form next week.”

Polenov – “Definitely not one of the favorites. Placing would be nice, but I cannot expect too much.”

Bristol Turks – “Overall I’m very happy with the run Bad Romance had in the heat. But with a lot of rain on the way I’m not sure what to expect in the final. The going will be dead though on the slow side so maybe more suitable for a breakaway or a competitive. Romance will be aiming for a top5 place.”

Gray Dog Stables – “The 2 year old races always seem to be anyone’s race on any given day. I’m hoping Sculpin can improve on an underwhelming performance in the prelims and at least crack the Top 3.”

Cherry Rose – “Lova Cupa she had a bad start in the last race. If she can start better I think she is capable of top 4. Now her jockey has tried her out I predict a better result.”

Orange Hills – “The heats went above expectations. I am hoping for the same in the final and finish in the money. Bad Romance is the big favorite. Felicia Feltham has won a few local sprint cups with early sprinters, so that is why I switched to her for the final.”

Moonlight Stables – “Star-Lord held his own in the heat race well enough so that he earned his new improved name. Will be hoping the ground isn’t too wet. He can handle the distance, it’ll be his aversion to getting his hooves dirty that I’m worried about.”

Burgersfortheboyz – “The Governess ran a creditable 3rd in her heat so it would suggest she may have have some ability. Its hard to tell with the 2yo’s but with 3 days of rain to come before the Cup final it may well be a slow track with no muddies qualified. We might all sink in the mud.”

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