TK Nuts Special Announcement



The Alliance are delighted to announce that they are sponsoring a new cup, which henceforth will be run as The Halo Cup. The creation of this cup exemplifies the sponsors commitment to the game, while providing lucrative opportunities for stables to win more cups.

The race will form part of a brand new Triple Crown Series for five year old’s over sprint and short distances. The other legs will be The Aussie Clothing Down Under Sprint and The Emerald Shoe cups.

The final will be contested over 1450m, and will run at the River Nile Delta Racecourse in week 2/3, and carry a starting purse of $600,000.

Commenting on behalf of the industry, TK Nuts said, “We are so pleased to see the new race introduced, and hope it will be supported by everyone at Track King. We look forward to January to start the journey to making The Halo Cup, one of Track King’s greatest races.”

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