The 4yo Sprint Breeder Cup – 13th Aug 2016 – Sydney Harbour Racecourse


The 4yo Sprint Breeder Cup

“Peanut Butter and Jelly”

Sometimes in life having the right combinations can be so crucial when you talking about being on the same page, or having something that just sync in harmony together, or maybe something that blend so well that it taste so good to the soul. In this race we have the 3yo Triple Crown Champion Angel From Hell, who have seem to lost her winning ways after losing her favorite jockey Dominque Donlin, to retirement. The combination and bond they had together was like peanut butter and jelly with the champ not losing a race with the rider on her back. Since the separation Angel From Hell, has struggled and will be looking to recapture that winning edge. The big question this weekend will be the weather, will it hold up and remain slow?

If that’s the case you have two mudlarks ready to pounce and take advantage of the conditions and that will be Aussie Man Sardean, and Gray Coup. Both horses ran decent heats and will be looking to be amongst the leaders at the top of the stretch.



Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 3 Angel From Hell DR Stables Kristal Glunz 1:09.695
2 1 Aussie Man Sardean Sardean Lodge Nakesha Broida 1:09.796
3 14 Koko Nachos Dotties Stables Keturah Shakespeare 1:09.913
4 5 Gray Coup Snowey’s Champs Janett Ghera 1:10.016
5 7 Smooth Criminal regalroller Lenora Parmentier 1:10.097


1. Aussie Man Sardean

4yo stallion from Sardean Lodge, Career earnings: $911,875
Overall rating: Admirable(58) – Mud-lark

Stable comments: – “Aussie Man Sardean needs a win. To be honest I didn’t give him the instructions to win the heat, my apologies to the punters, so lets hope he can do a Shamus Award and break his maiden on the big stage. He recently ran well in the 4yo Guineas which earned my respect to enter him into this. The extra distance should help and Nakesha is growing a strong bond with him. Good luck to all competing in this race.”

2. Yeah RainDancer

4yo mare from light weight, Career earnings: $429,721
Overall rating: Reasonable(51) – Competitive

Stable comments: – “The 4yo breeders sprint final should be a cracker of a race. Yeah RainDancer ran a good heat, thought she was going to win but just missed but her second place was a terrific effort. Hopefully she can improve and run her best race. A change of jockey isn’t what I wanted but hopefully the new jockey gives her a good run and gives her the best chance to win. A win in the breeders sprint would be a dream come true.”

3. Angel From Hell

4yo mare from DR Stables, Career earnings: $3,703,844
Overall rating: Admirable(57) – Stalker

Stable comments: – “Angel From Hell is entered just to make up the numbers. She has a lot of speed and haven’t found a jockey that can harness her speed to allow her stalker style to kick in. We really miss Donlin this season. This cup is wide open and several horses could win. If Gluntz can’t settle her and allow her to use her final kick Angel From Hell won’t finish top 5.”

4. Dirtylittlesecret

4yo mare from DR Stables, Career earnings: $1,850,310
Overall rating: Satisfactory(48) – Early sprinter

Stable comments: – “Dirtylittlesecret is not in very good form going into this final, top 5 would be a big surprise. She will have a jockey that fits her racing style and if they get along she will be in the mix if she can last the distance.”

5. Gray Coup

4yo mare from Snowey’s Champs, Career earnings: $222,111
Overall rating: Reasonable(54) – Mud-lark

Stable comments: – “I was absolutely thrilled when Gray Coup won her heat in the fastest time over a distance that was a bit short for her, however the going was slow so I will be doing an African rain dance this week!”

6. Sihirli Toynak

4yo mare from Yorulmaz, Career earnings: $445,000
Overall rating: Admirable(57) – Stalker

Stable comments: – “Shirli Toynak was the highest OR foal at birth. Despite her high OR racing performance up to now is not so successful. We know that we are not the favorites but we know that we have the power to make the surprising hit at the end.  Good luck to all competitors.”

7. Smooth Criminal

4yo stallion from regalroller, Career earnings: $730,900
Overall rating: Satisfactory(49) – Early sprinter

Stable comments: – “Thrown Smooth Criminal in the deep end here and pretty much just expecting to earn some xp. Would be great if the track came up dead. If it stays slow I’d be looking to one of the mud larks to win otherwise it seems like a very open race.”

8. Archer Queen

4yo mare from gilqat, Career earnings: $535,400
Overall rating: Reasonable(52) – Fast finisher

Stable comments: – “

9. Persian Endymion

4yo mare from Mickmac, Career earnings: $20,000
Overall rating: Admirable(55) – Early sprinter

Stable comments: – “

10. Skol Commander

4yo stallion from Gray Dog Stables, Career earnings: $727,900
Overall rating: Reasonable(54) – Early sprinter

Stable comments: – “It seems every week the 4yo’s are lining up for another cup. There are a number of tough horses in this one but I have a good feeling about Skol Commander this week. Call it a hunch.”

12. Island Sticky

4yo mare from Beat the Clock, Career earnings: $17,212
Overall rating: Adequate(36) – Competitive

Stable comments: – “

13. Guitar Bandido

4yo mare from Fruits Folly, Career earnings: $716,711
Overall rating: Admirable(55) – Fast finisher

Stable comments: – “Guitar Bandido did not run that well in the heats but had a lot in reserve so I will be hoping for a better race in the final”

14. Koko Nachos

4yo stallion from Dotties Stables, Career earnings: $1,034,111
Overall rating: Admirable(57) – Stalker

Stable comments: – “Koko Nachos could be really special and I might have now worked out race instructions so hopeful for a top 3 depending on the ground.”

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