The Cox Plate – 26th March 2016 – Sydney Harbour Racecourse




Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 5 Siamese Dream MolietsSurfer Marylouise Litterer 2:03.662
2 6 Trapper Yorulmaz Kelly Mettle 2:04.173
3 2 Relaunch Angel’s Flight Clara Colla 2:04.249
4 9 Bits Matthew Orange Hills Glen Lodholz 2:05.638
5 4 Milk Good Rawhide Gregorio Alves 2:05.757


The Cox Plate – 26th March 2016 – Sydney Harbour Racecourse

With thanks to some generous sponsors, we see the 10th running of the Cox Plate and now we get to see the superstar of last season, Triple Crown winner Relaunch. The star that took on all challengers and went untouched, to dominate season 34 cups.

Season 35 and Relaunch won the So You Think on dead ground and will be a short price in The Cox Plate. He looked on cruise control in his heat and I suspect, we will see his speed come to the fore and run away with it. But it is on slow, and we do see muddies going around, which have some claim to the silverware. Which one can stamp themselves as a a winner and unseat Relaunch?

Siamese Dream, a well bred stallion from Moilets Surfer, ran a cracker of a heat. One of the fastest times ever over 1850 m slow, so clearly he caught the eye. A repeat in the final and Angel’s Flight will seriously be in a cold sweat in the closing stages. Siamese Dream is well worth a wager for a win based on that run.

Other that have chances are Trapper and Voodoo Child. Let’s start with Trapper; only had the one cup tilt earlier this season on dead and finished runner up to Relaunch. He comes into play even more so, since an impressive heat win. Trapper is worth a wager and might well be at some nice odds for the win.

Next the ever consistent Voodoo Child from Bristol Turks, this  stallion like many from Bristol’s barn always shows plenty of ticker and I expect no less here. Voodoo Child will grind it out and if the others show stress and slow down, Voodoo Child may just outstay them all.

Question marks on a couple; Rawhide’s Milk Good on paper looks a gem, could do anything. To date been found wanting but if the trainer and jockey find their mojo, they can contest.

There you go, a rundown of the Cox Plate field lets see what the trainers have to say …

1. Voodoo Child

4yo stallion from Bristol Turks, Career earnings: $1,926,322
Overall rating: Admirable(56) – Natural champion

Comments: BRISTOL says – Ok, well, Voodoo Child is in good shape, well balanced and trying out a new jockey that I think is capable of getting the best out of him. That said the going is slow and will race against a couple of useful looking mudlarks and of course Relaunch. It won’t be easy but if the jockey can manage the horse then anything can happen.

2. Relaunch

4yo stallion from Angel’s Flight, Career earnings: $4,276,900
Overall rating: Admirable(57) – Competitive

Comments: ANGEL says – This will be one of Relaunch most challenging races of his young career, this will be his first underdog role, but if I had to pick one horse to be in this situation to try to beat the mudlarks on there favorite ground it would no doubt be him.

3. Under It Me Luv

4yo stallion from Dopey Donkeys Digs, Career earnings: $450,000
Overall rating: Reasonable(53) – Natural champion

Comments:  NODDY says – Under it me Luv has zero chance of winning and would be extremely lucky to make the top 5. I’m going to be backing Milk Good to finally find some form and surprise us all with a win!

4. Milk Good

4yo mare from Rawhide, Career earnings: $117,500
Overall rating: Admirable(59) – Mud-lark

Comments: EASY RIDER say – It’s very hard to evaluate her chances. Milk Good has not performed to expectations so far in her career. She should probably be one of the favorites but if form continues she’s more than likely to disappoint.

5. Siamese Dream

4yo stallion from MolietsSurfer, Career earnings: $1,524,800
Overall rating: Admirable(57) – Mud-lark

Comments: MOILETS says  – Siamese Dream (named after the great Smashing Pumpkins album) should be clear favorite when you just look at the heat times, but I’m sure it will be very tight, trophy collector Relaunch will be hard to beat and also Trapper from Yorulmaz seems to be capable to win.
But as a former Cox Plate winner, we hope to repeat this success.

6. Trapper

4yo stallion from Yorulmaz, Career earnings: $1,115,047
Overall rating: Reasonable(54) – Mud-lark

Comments: YORULMAZ says – The field is going to be slow or heavy so it’s an advantage for my mud-lark. I think the race is between Trapper and Siamese Dream. Siamese Dream have higher OR but Trapper has better distance XP. Siamese Dream has better track XP for slow also. So if the field turns to heavy it is better for us. This will be the eight race of this pair so I am confident about the jockey. We will see what happen on Saturday. I’m expecting a close finish.

7. Twinkie WazUp

4yo mare from NZ Thorobreds, Career earnings: $1,015,482
Overall rating: Reasonable(52) – Fast finisher

Comments: DAN says –  I thought before the heats mine was a real chance but she went very average, not sure she will feature in the top 3 based on her last run, but I’ve changed jockeys and that jockey had a great run with my team last time I had him.

8. Zaydan Bella

4yo stallion from Le Saint Stables, Career earnings: $261,141
Overall rating: Acceptable(44)

Comments: LE SAINT says –

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