The Platinum Plate – 27 February 2016 – Sydney Harbour Racecourse




Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 3 Secret Phantom Dixon Racing Pierre Strydom 1:58.993
2 7 Jellybean Fernbank Park Jacqui Bellantone 1:59.869
3 4 Addie Over Manor crowsrock Alycia Aupperle 2:00.313
4 8 Gallahadion cassie Zachery Jandron 2:00.369
5 1 Dodgers Here I Go Troublemaker’s Greg Quann 2:00.672

Carry on Mr Dixon

There won’t be much in it when it counts

The stable of Dixon racing will be on a deserved high after his sensational Aussie Clothing Long victory last season and he could follow up and literally ‘carry on’ at the same venue this weekend. He saddles the outstanding 6yo stallion Secret Phantom, in the prestigious Platinum Plate. Only good horses wins this top contest and the honour roll makes for satisfying reading and some truly great memories. Only ten horses will line up at the 2050m marker on Saturday, and at the risk of hammering a cliché, the contest really does make up in quality, for what it lacks in pure numbers.

The race is proudly sponsored by the Hareeba Stables.

1. Dodgers Here I Go

6yo stallion from Troublemaker’s, Career earnings: $4,676,442
Overall rating: Grand(68) – Natural champion

Comment: The 3 times world cup winner from the Troublemaker’s stable nearly achieved the impossible feat of being a triple crown winner a few seasons ago, he comes here with a big reputation and a score to settle.

2. Diamond Starz

6yo mare from woodchuckers, Career earnings: $1,164,241
Overall rating: Grand(66) – Natural champion

Comment: Diamond Starz was recently purchased by the woodchuckers stable, horses like many people, don’t know their price tags. We believe that Diamond Starz could take the next step up the ladder and ran a cracker. The stable is known to take no prisoners, be aware, very aware.

3. Secret Phantom

6yo stallion from Dixon Racing, Career earnings: $3,609,517
Overall rating: Tremendous(72) – Fast finisher

Comment: The 6yo stallion by Dead Cat Bounce, powered home in the Aussie Clothing Long final last season, and we expect another top class performance from this up and coming stable.

4. Addie Over Manor

6yo stallion from crowsrock, Career earnings: $1,547,616
Overall rating: Tremendous(71) – Natural champion

Comment: Crowsrock brings Addie Over Manor to track, he is not far off the best, and if in the right frame of mind, could surprise a few.

5. Stammer Ztips

6yo mare from Whispering Death, Career earnings: $1,553,300
Overall rating: Excellent(64) – Fast finisher

Comment: Whispering Death’s Stammer Ztips is a consistent 6yo, but has some ground to make up to trouble the front runners.

6. Sturt Wall

6yo mare from Stable JK, Career earnings: $1,192,148
Overall rating: Grand(68) – Stalker

Comment: This mare from the Stable JK yard nearly got the better of Secret Phantom in the Aussie Clothing Long final last season, she faces another acid test, but could well be up to it.

7. Jellybean

6yo stallion from Fernbank Park, Career earnings: $861,000
Overall rating: Excellent(64) – Natural champion

Comment: The lightly raced runner from the Fernbank Park stable has proven his ability on the track, with a cracking decent win over the Sydney Harbour Racecourse 1900m last Saturday in the heat. The stable surely hopes for a repeat of that run.

8. Gallahadion

6yo stallion from cassie, Career earnings: $1,640,007
Overall rating: Grand(65) – Natural champion

Comment: Another runner who is bound to attract plenty of attention is the cassie trained stallion, Gallahadion, a winner of 11 races to date. He ran a very creditable third in the heat on Saturday and warrants respect.

9. Karmic Tuffy

6yo mare from White Star, Career earnings: $1,364,334
Overall rating: Excellent(60) – Stalker

Comment: She will no doubt run another honest race, but may not be quite up to winning.

10. Parry Woot

6yo mare from Sycamore, Career earnings: $1,481,200
Overall rating: Grand(65) – Natural champion

Comment: Parrot Woot finished 5th in Saturday’s hotly contested heat, and that alone is a sign that she may be worth following.


Trainer Dixon has labelled Secret Phantom as one of the best he has ever trained and the 6yo gets another chance to prove that he really is as good as his trainer thinks he is.

There is bound to be a pace, given the size of the prize and the presence of a few who can go out and set the fractions. Secret Phantom and Dodgers Here I Go the obvious two to vie for top honours.

It is a rare blend of equine quality – jump aboard for the ride of your life!

They are all trying – the best man may not win – but the luckiest one certainly will!

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2 thoughts on “The Platinum Plate – 27 February 2016 – Sydney Harbour Racecourse

  1. Pedantic

    Not so sure about “carry on” Charlie 🙂
    A very tough one for my runner with Diamond, Dodgers and Addie looking like big dangers. Sturt Wall broke down when losing to Phantom in the Aussie Long, so if placed right I reckon she will be right there!

    I’m not sure if Jellybean can back up his heat run, but if so, will be tough to beat. My guy is fresh after a very easy heat, so hoping for some luck in the running.

    1. gary

      Nice dixon sounds a real phantom call
      JK stable so delivers a sturt wall in the run
      but not good enough for troublemaker as his dodgers traffic
      and no doubt fernbank park his jellybean in front
      and in a MANOR of speaking we all know that crowsrock
      but in the end woodchucker gets splinters but could have the diamond in the rough

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