The Diamond Cup – 23/01/2016 – River Nile Delta Racecourse

The Diamond Cup



Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 2 Relaunch Angel’s Flight Clara Colla 2:30.200
2 4 Addie Over Magoo crowsrock Charlie Dangler 2:30.374
3 1 Voodoo Child Bristol Turks Sandie Tangney 2:30.875
4 6 Chasing Lancelot cassie Zachery Jandron 2:31.695
5 8 Here Comes Trouble Rubin Jets Stan Crickenberger 2:31.737

What a dud cup. Eight entries into the final; Really TK’ers, are there no other 4yo’s who can add to the mix? In defence to the dodgers, I guess facing Relaunch is a haunting thought. Is Relaunch to become the Black Caviar of the TK world?

1. Voodoo Child

4yo stallion from Bristol Turks, Career earnings: $1,427,211
Overall rating: Reasonable(54) – Natural champion

Form: 5,7,1,2,1

2. Relaunch

4yo stallion from Angel’s Flight, Career earnings: $3,701,900
Overall rating: Admirable(56) – Competitive

Form: 1,1,1,1,1

3. Mongo Newman

4yo mare from Diet Coke Horses, Career earnings: $726,000
Overall rating: Reasonable(51) – Fast finisher

Form: 4,10,1,2,3

4. Addie Over Magoo

4yo mare from crowsrock, Career earnings: $1,770,200
Overall rating: Satisfactory(49) – Natural champion

Form: 2,6,1,3,2

5. Bodrum Darkest

4yo mare from Stud Trouville, Career earnings: $738,849
Overall rating: Reasonable(52) – Needs space

Form: 2,1,7,1,3

6. Chasing Lancelot

4yo mare from cassie, Career earnings: $815,269
Overall rating: Satisfactory(49) – Unpredictable

Form: 7,1,2,4,4

7. Luse Gore

4yo mare from Moxie Stable, Career earnings: $350,768
Overall rating: Satisfactory(47)

Form: 1,9,12,6,1

8. Here Comes Trouble

4yo mare from Rubin Jets, Career earnings: $759,442
Overall rating: Admirable(55)

Form: 1,1,1,3,2

Lets be honest, beating Relaunch is extremely unlikely to happen. There is only one horse I see with a chance and that is Bristol Turks runner Voodoo Child. Voodoo Child has been very close to Relaunch in the past but as yet has not been able to bridge the gap. Can he do it this time?

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