Angel’s Flight Triple Crown Winner Relaunch Live Press Conference


The crowd and media from all across the world has gathered all around Angel’s Flight stable area to get a glimpse and take pictures of the new Triple Crown Champion, Relaunch. Time Magazine, Newsweek, USA Today, Sports Illustrator, ESPN, CNN, Associated Press, The Racing Report, just to name a few media outlets here today for the press conference that is about to commence.

The microphones are all assembled on the podium and Angel is walking up to answer the media questions. (Flashbulbs from the cameras are flashing profusely)

Hello everyone, before we get started with the Q&A’s I would just like to thank all the fans from around the world for the outpouring of congratulatory wishes and support we have received, and to my competitors and all the race sponsors, without them this day would not have been possible, with that said I will take a few questions.


Q: – How does it feel to be the first stable owner trainer to win a 3yo Triple Crown Series?

A: – It feels great and I’m so elated right now, not just for myself but also for the TK community and the game as a whole. This win just adds another dimension and fun to the game for other trainers to dream big and work hard to one day train themselves a Triple Crown winner. But I would also like to take this moment and thank the breeder and prior owner whom had this amazing horse before we purchased him as a 2 year old, and that is Full Moon Stable, owner paulburow, and Stiff Competition Stables, owner Stiffy.

We wouldn’t be standing here today if those gentlemen had decided to not sell and kept for themselves. So we do share this victory cigar with them today.

Q: – Do you consider Relaunch to be the best 3yo ever in TK History?

A: – That can always be debatable, because we have had so many great 3yo’s come and go through the years, but just take a look at his overall record he has accomplished in his short racing career as a 2 and 3yo, and you guys be the judge of that. He has won world cups in 3 different distances, Short (1,400m), Long (2,050m), and Epic (2,423m), the only horse that come to mind to have ever won 3 world cup in 3 different distances was the great Novus Propinquo, which was a sprint, short, and medium cup, and he achieve that feat by 6yo. With Relaunch winning a short, long and epic cup, no other horse has ever done that in the history of the game and never won as many world cups by the age of 3, which is a total of 5. So I will definitely say he’s the best 3yo I’ve seen to date, but we can also let the debate begin. I think it’s a topic that would be great for discussion.

Q: – When did you realize Relaunch had a real good chance to win the Triple Crown?

A: – Ummmm I will say right after he won the Epsom Derby. It was the way he did it and the fashion he did it in that made me say, “I think I got something here”. The way he won it by not having any experience at the epic distance, but prior to that winning the 2yo Sires @1400m. His explosiveness and the way he pulled away from the competition in the heat and final made me believe that this horse was real special. If you go back and look at all his races prior to today, as a 3yo no one came even close to beating him. His margin of victory has been superior, and I don’t think we ever seen anything like it before.

But today for the first time I was a little worried because he was a little further back then I wanted him to be and he got block in a few times. But it was an awesome and exciting race today and hats off to GM-Ersins horse Voodoo Child who really push us to the brink and ran a gallant race.

Q: – Today we had a chance to witness and watch another Triple Crown winner, Manor Parks 4yo Kingsman, winning the 4yo medium TC Series, what are your thoughts on this, and do you think this will become a trend?

A: – I got a chance to reached out and send Manor Park a congratulatory message after the race and hats off goes out to him and Kingsman, for an exceptional job in becoming a Triple Crown Champion. To be able to have not just one but two Triple Crown winners on this game in the same season is an awesome feat because it’s not that easy to win. Even though both of are horses dominated and made it look very easy.

But just to remind Manor that we are technically the first Triple Crown winner because we done it 5 hours prior to him winning it, so he is the 2nd Triple Crown winner…LOL!

As to a trend, I do think we will see more Triple Crown winner in the future yes, because I think more trainers will take on the challenge with their horses and train specifically for these series now that they see it can be done. But I really don’t see the crown being won every season, because the dynamics is different from season to season.

Q: – A lot of people may not know this but you were very instrumental in designing the Triple Crown Series format and making it a reality on Track King, did you ever envision yourself winning it?

A: – Honestly, no. There was a time I didn’t even think that the TCS would come into fruition and this is not to criticize any one individual or any groups. Getting all the sponsors together and trying to agree on a cup schedule concept was not an easy task. Because it takes a lot of sacrificing of ones ego and personal feelings, but looking at the bigger picture for the greater good for the community and the overall game as a whole.

Change is a hard thing to go through for many people because it becomes different, and it takes people and things out of a comfort zone. But my philosophy in life has always been, without change you can never have any growth. And I’m not saying make a change just for change sake. Any change should make sense to improve or enhance something to become better. We were very fortunate to come up with a solution that kept the fabric of most cups intact and adjusted the ones that were agreed upon amongst the sponsors to make the cup calendar well balanced.  I truly believe if you take a poll and ask the community how do they like the cup schedule today, I’m sure you will get and overwhelming response that they like it better than the way it used to be.

Big thanks goes out to those sponsors who were willing and made sacrifices, seen the big picture, and continue to strive for growth for the game in general. This day would not have become a reality without them.

Q: – Some people consider you to be a genius and the best age group trainer in the game, what is your take on that?

A: – LOL… I’m humbled that people would say that, but if I’m a genius then Manor Park must be f*ckin  Albert Einstein…(LOL) You tell me this, who do you know that play any game or anything that’s competitive, and don’t try to be the best at what they do?

When you win at something you never have to tell another person you’re the best, that’s automatic, people can see that in your performance. It doesn’t matter if they want to give you credit for your achievements or not.

The greatest compliment you can receive from any individual is when you know they want to beat you. That let me know we are doing something right, because the more you win, the bigger the target is on your back and people want to knock you off that throne. To be the best you have to beat the best plain and simple. This is a competition and you going to win some, and you going to lose some.


Truth be told, most Angels are…LOL!

Best age group trainer?

I believe that topic is something for the fans, the media, and spectators to poke fun at and debate about, as for me; I think talk is cheap and action speaks louder than words, winning speaks volumes.

Q: – Being a player on Track King since 2010 and having a lot of success and now consider an elder statesman of the game, what do you think about the future of the game, and do you see more parity today then you did when you first started?

A: – I think the future is very bright when it comes down to the competition and some rising stars in some young stables which I consider young stables to have been here less than a few years. But we’re still missing that injection of growth of new players. It’s always being debated how can the game grow but to be honest horse racing is a required taste, boring to some, exciting to others, and just like real horse racing it take a lot of patience. But just like anything the game must keep up with the times, maybe developing a TK app since that is the new age now with androids and things. A new interface, which I think a lot of people, has been waiting for. Better graphics, with a 3D race viewer etc., and maybe those things will draw others who are into those types of things and they would come to love the game once playing for awhile.

Q: – There are rumors out there that you plan to have Relaunch go after the 4yo medium Triple Crown Series next season, is there any truth to this story, and if not what are his plans?

A: – LOL…I’ve have heard all the crazy rumor out there and what people are saying, things like he’s going to have Relaunch go after the 4yo medium Triple Crown next season. That he wants Relaunch to be the first horse to win a world cup at 4 different distances.  I heard the story that now that I’ve won the Triple Crown that I’m going to buy a hammock, kick back, retire and quit Track King. I’m pretty sure a few haters out there would love to see that happen. (Smile)  🙂

Time Magazine placed Relaunch on their front cover this week (see new stable logo) and inside the magazine a source said Relaunch will announce his candidacy and run for president in 2020…LOL  😆

All I can say folks are his plans are still unknown at this time, but he does plan to run in something in the near future, we will only guarantee that.

With that said, that will be all the questions we take for now, thank you all for coming out to the press conference today, it was good talking to everyone on this spectacular occasion and we will see you guys in the near future at the races.



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