Grand Prix De Paris Sat 26 December 2015 – London Bridge Racecourse




Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 1 Relaunch Angel’s Flight Robbyn Aysien 2:24.446
2 3 Voodoo Child Bristol Turks Jenifer Nogle 2:24.858
3 2 Addie Over Magoo crowsrock Charlie Dangler 2:25.481
4 5 Chasing Lancelot cassie Ji Shider 2:26.078
5 9 Diana Buddha MR stable Cammie Deck 2:26.898

The Field

1. Relaunch (54OR) – 3yo colt from Angel’s Flight, Career earnings: $2,871,900– Competitive, Epic XP 3, Dead XP 3

2. Addie Over Magoo (50OR) – 3yo filly from crowsrock, Career earnings: $1,355,200, – Natural Champion, Epic XP 6, Dead XP 4

3. Voodoo Child (53OR) – 3yo colt from Bristol Turks, Career earnings: $927,211– Fast Finisher, Epic XP 4, Dead XP 5

4. Roxanne Ritchi (53OR) – 3yo filly from Magoo’s Fine Equine, Career earnings: $379,225– Unpredictable, Epic XP 7, Dead XP 3

5. Chasing Lancelot (49OR) – 3yo filly from cassie, Career earnings: $607,769– Unpredictable, Epic XP 8, Dead XP 3

6. Dan Pommels (52OR) – 3yo filly from Avery Island Stables, Career earnings: $265,943– Competitive, Epic XP 4, Dead XP 3

7. Lisco Fuel (49OR) – 3yo colt from O Buadhaigh, Career earnings: $370,100 – Natural Champion, Epic XP 4, Dead XP 3

Make good art

Whether you are a racing purist, a return on investment fundi, or just simply a racing adrenaline junkie, the hype and excitement surrounding the Grand Prix De Paris to be run on Saturday, and proudly sponsored by Desert Wind Stables, would have caught your attention.

Probably the best way to describe the achievement of the runner from the Angel’s Flight stable Relaunch this season, would be to watch the whole of Neil Gaiman’s wonderful commencement speech ‘Make Good Art’ in which he encourages the students to, “go and make interesting mistakes. Make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules; leave the world more interesting for you being here. Make good art

Angel’s Flight is aware of, but remains wonderfully unperturbed by, convention and popular opinion, preferring the courage of his own convictions to the tepid opinions of others. He is not afraid to challenge the status quo, to experiment and try things out for himself and, above all, to fearlessly make mistakes – occasionally wonderful mistakes, which have produced the likes of Relaunch.

The well bred filly Addie Over Magoo represents the crowsrock stable, and he has high hopes of toppling the favorite.

GM-Ersins entered his 3yo star colt Voodoo Child and another top class run is expected.

The gutsy filly from the Magoo’s Fine Equine stable Roxanne Ritchi will run another honest race.

Chasing Lancelot hope to give this stable “cassie” their first world cup win.

Avery Island Stables steps out their 3yo filly Dan Pommels and another bold showing is expected.

Lisco Fuel ran a good race in his last start, and the stable hope for more improvement from their colt, to earn a cheque.

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  1. woody

    Our first triple crown from the revamped format all from a sires winner simply top shelf effort from the angel with wings ,Just a superb effort in what is a golden season for angel flight

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