The Fast and Furious Cup Sat 26 December 2015 London Bridge Racecourse




Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 2 Godzilla Troublemaker’s Janyce Bablak 1:05.360
2 1 Min Sofa Manor Park Stud Janita Hoffer 1:05.951
3 6 Augustus Approval ghanainternational Penelope Stucke 1:06.025
4 4 Melins Dopey Donkeys Digs Leo Kroell 1:06.524
5 3 Secret Explosion Dixon Racing Christa Hollins 1:06.699

1 1,1,3,2,2 MIN SOFA Manor Park Stud Janita Hoffer
PB.DISTANCE (Dead 1150m, 1:06.601, avg speed 62.16km/h –
PB.SPRINT (Fast 800m, 0:45.538, avg speed 63.24km/h
MIN SOFA a very powerful mare and 9 time cup winner, with her last being the Tiara at Rocky over 900m. Based on times, probably not in the finish but this mare is not trained by just anyone. MIN SOFA needs to find a yard, and no one is better than Manor Park to bring that out. So always a danger from the premier stable in the game

2 2,1,1,1,1 GODZILLA Troublemaker’s Janyce Bablak
PB.DISTANCE (Good 1150m, 1:07.481, avg speed 61.35km/h = 4yo sprint only start over
PB.SPRINT (Fast 1250m, 1:10.311, avg speed 64.00km/h
Outstanding 3yo winning the ascot but has since to salute in a cup, a shame given his early promise .Troublemaker has left no stone unturned and trained GODZILLA up to his absolute peak for his shot at glory.Given recent form and a showing of outstanding speed definitely the one to beat, only needs to produce on the day.

3 1,1,4,1,5 SECRET EXPLOSION Dixon Racing Christa Hollins
PB.DISTANCE (Good 1150m, 1:04.860, avg speed 63.83km/h, Christa Hollins)
PB.SPRINT (Good 1150m, 1:04.860, avg speed 63.83km/h, Christa Hollins)
DIXON RACING some may never of heard of this new kid on the block but they soon will. Steps out for his debut in an open cup final and a big race it is – not out of place here. SECRET EXPLOSION has the fastest time for the distance of all the runners so based on that, must be given some chance of finishing high up at the finish.

4 1,1,1,2,3 MELINS Dopey Donkeys Digs Leo Kroell
PB. DISTANCE (Good 1150m, 1:05.250, avg speed 63.45km/h Leo Kroell
PB.SPRINT (Good 1250m, 1:09.930, avg speed 64.35km/h, Leo Kroell)
MELINS the is fastest sprinter in the race and among the top 3 for distance and speed, has to be considered among the top few chances and maybe the biggest threat to GODZILLA. Based on recent form and a stable being in hot cup form this stable may well add another world cup to the cabinet.

5 2,2,2,2,4 SEKRET Klaatu Barada Nikto Donetta Bedee
PB. SPRINT (Dead 1000m, 1:01.376, avg speed 58.65km/h
Klaatu Barada Nikto bringing a sprinter pretty much out of his depth to the party, but at least having a go and maybe the experience will help this trainer along for future cup campaigns.

6 1,1,2,4,2 AUGUSTUS APPROVAL ghanainternational Penelope Stucke
PB.SPRINT (Dead 1100m, 1:02.938, avg speed 62.92km/h , Penelope Stucke)
Ghanainternational winner of 9 world cups enters his premier sprinter AUGUSTUS APPROVAL. Winner of the sprint shield has good form over both sprint and short distances .May find the these pure sprinters a bit slick but as always expect a solid effort from this talented trainer with his ever consistent star.

7 1,1,1,1,1 MAREE’S IPPON Sycamore Tajuana Bross
PB.SPRINT (Good 1150m, 1:06.887, avg speed 61.90km/h,
PB.SPRINT (Fast 800m, 0:45.390, avg speed 63.45km/h,
Sycamore a 2 time cup winner and starting to make his presence felt in cups.  His current star MAREE,S IPPON has 2 cups to her name and a tiara so a sprinter with speed to burn . On her day blisteringly quick, has a run of 7 wins to her credit so maybe the value runner here worth a wager and one not to ignore.

8 1,1,1,6,6 WAKA STAR spudolphin Lucinda Nicklow
PB. DISTANCE (Good 1150m, 1:09.092, avg speed 59.92km/h,
PB. SPRINT (Good 1000m, 0:58.026, avg speed 62.04km/h
WAKA STAR not in the greatest form and a little out of his depth but a stable none the less willing to step up and give the cup a crack .One hopes that going forward the stable will benefit from the experience.

9 2,1,2,4,4 CHEQUE OSAKA TBRUNNERZ Morris Kielman
PB. DISTANCE (Good 1150m, 1:05.636, avg speed 63.08km/h
PB. SPRINT (Good 1150m, 1:05.636, avg speed 63.08km/h
Strong group of sprinters CHEQUE OSAKA has to race against, but this 10yo has some form.Has broken 63kms for the distance and in her swan song the trainer would like nothing better than give some cheek in this premier sprint race.

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