The Lancelot World Memorial – 27th January 2018

Lancelot World Memorial

Lowe Cup winner Secret Emperor has pulled a perfect draw and ran a cracking prep run in what was little more than an exercise gallop last time out. Desert Wind Stables’s Seaside Scandal ran a smart prep when second last time. She is a top-class daughter of The Queen’s Affair and any betting support suggests she be taken very seriously.

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 2,1,1,3,1 Secret Emperor Dixon Racing Kim Nakanishi N/A
2 2,1,1,1,2 Seaside Scandal Desert Wind Stables !Jared Mollison! N/A
3 1,5,5,4,3 Australia BONES BONEMAKER STUD Black Bones N/A
4 7,1,5,5,5 Super Cruiser United Leslee Benser N/A
5 1,2,2,2,4 Arrogate Pugstable Judith Eakes N/A
6 6,6,4,2,6 Hengroen Chaotic Neutral Tabitha Shiyou N/A
7 12,6 Highest Sarah Cape Hall Wyatt Deloye N/A
8 1,1,2,4,3 Katharine Hepburn Blackberry Farms Caryl Pinkham N/A


Pre-race comments from:

BONES BONEMAKER STUD– “There only two runners with a chance and they are not my runner.” 

Dixon Racing– “Emperor enjoyed the upper hand in this group for a few seasons, however, in the Aus Clothing Epic, Seaside Scandal showed how much she has come on by winning it easily. Over the 3200 I think the Natural Champions Seaside Scandal and Australia will have the edge – it will take a very special performance from Emperor to get close to them.” 

Chaotic Neutral – “This looks like a race where Secret Emperor will be the one to beat. Seaside Scandal might just be able to do that. My pony, Hengroen, will be trying to not repeat her heat performance where she finished last. Middle of the pack would be a great result for her.”

Desert Wind Stables – “Secret Emperor has beaten Seaside Scandal in 3 out of 4 cups so obviously I’m nervous that history will repeat itself and the track condition is probably more suited to Emperor. Having said this, in the Aussie Clothing, Seaside had a storming finish, beating the rest of the field by 30m.”

Pugstable – “Once again he will be finishing hard and fast in the last 1/4 – but can he catch Craigs Secret Emperor ? Probably not ! 
As a stalker, it can be hard to get our race instructions just right, but if we can get close enough and still have 5 horses in front of us in the last 1/4 – he is an outside chance to run home over the top of them. Can run times with all things panning out and falling into place for us in the running. Had a relax or 2 on him in the heats and he powered home. Each way with a lotta luck required.”

United – “This one looks very open…. Peds starts his impeccably bred Secret Emporer as deserved favourite but his gun jockey Pierre has retired and now there’s a green jockey on its back which gives the rest of us a fighting chance…. It’ll all come down to track condition… a fast track will spread the field so expect some surprises. My own Cruiser will be better for the run with the same jockey on it and I did hold some back in the qualifier but I’ve got to make up 3 seconds which is an ask and a fast track would kill me. With some luck I might sneak into 3rd or 4th if the track is good.
Tips: 1. Australia, 2. Secret Emporer, 3. Field”

Blackberry Farms – “Would think that Secret Emperor would be the fav to win, hoping that the length of the race would negate some of Secret Emperor‘s speed down the final stretch, and that my horse (-Katharine Hepburn : Explosive power if the jockey can control it) has the room to run amok to victory.”

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