The Lowe Cup – 21st October 2017

Lowe Cup

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 1,1,1,2,2 Secret Emperor Dixon Racing Pierre Strydom N/A
2 2,1,1,2,1 Dictator win the day Roxane Melochick N/A
3 3,3,2,4,4 Bassman Coney Back in black Duncan Gasch N/A
4 10,5,7,3,3 All In Blackjack Farms !Janella Almen! N/A
5 9,3,2,4 Nor Mandrake Cera River Rat Stables Ila Sharabi N/A
6 4,1,1,1,5 Doghouse Reilly Rubin Jets Tamar Ruoff N/A
7 4,3 Dylan T-Seven Shinibana Shizuko Kindla N/A
8 2,6,3,1,1 Shop Gaper Shady signs Avril Timmermann N/A
9 2,3,3,2,5 Joseph Clinker McGee’s Pub and Barn Otelia Biancaniello N/A

Pre-race comments from:

Dixon Racing– “Secret Emperor seemed to struggle in the heat from what was possibly a side effect of poor health during the week. He will certainly need to be at his best to challenge Dictator who is a rather impressive sort”

win the day – “I’m in it to win it! Dictator has just the right amount of Unpredictability to have a shot.”

Rubin Jets – “Track King Rater omits two of the high OR distance 5yos who rival Dixon Racing’s Secret Emperor in this final. But Doghouse Reilly will not provide as much of a challenge as Win the Day’s Dictator. Doghouse will do well to get among the places after a poor qualifying run with one of the stable apprentices.”

McGee’s Pub and Barn – “Joseph Clinker … muddy on a dry track nuff said. Better jockey this time up so hoping for better speed at least.”

Shady signs – “Looking forward to the race and very hopeful to finish in the top three if all goes well, this horse can be a bit hot or cold on its day.”

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