Track King Nuts – Season 39 Award Winners

Secrets Uncovered…

Again, we tried to evolve the awards process by bringing in more community input – this season with both nominations and voting, the awards are certainly a direct reflection of the entire community.
This season, both the public voting and panel voting had the same winners in all categories – we have published the voting results in the Award Voting Results page.

Thank you to everyone who nominated and/ or voted for the TK Nuts Awards, your input is appreciated.

Congratulations to all the Season 39 Winners!

*Thank you to the tk nuts associates for the penpictures of my awards. (pedantic)


Horse of the Season
Secret Agenda
Dixon Racing
Stable of the Season
Dixon Racing
Stable To Watch
2yo of the Season
Secret Dynasty
Dixon Racing
3yo of the Season
Secret Emperor
Dixon Racing
4yo of the Season
Beep Beep
5yo  of the Season
New Terrain
Woogle Wood
6yo of the Season
Lump Of Ice
7yo of the Season
Secret Agenda
Dixon Racing
8yo of the Season
Secret Ilustrador
Dixon Racing
9yo of the Season
Gs Taffarel
10yo of the Season
Blue Cretheus
St Simon Racing

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