The Golden Slipper – 16th June 2017

Golden Slipper

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 1,3 Bad Romance Bristol Turks Norah Cordaro N/A
2 2 Pharoah Hanover Happy Skipper Stable Allen Beckham N/A
3 2,1 Constantine Diva Lodge Malika Cochrum N/A
4 4 Cashback Frankel Farm Judith Eakes N/A
5 3,6,3 Big Bad Governess Burgersfortheboyz Lissette Roop N/A
6 4,5 Star-Lord Moonlight Stables Caroll Marois N/A
7 3 Dream Catcher Blackjack Farms !Alfonso Dunfee! N/A
8 1,9,2,5 Muffin Chocko avitblues Stan Bann N/A
9 4,2,1 Forza Bayakoa Polenov Emeline Schlensker N/A
10 1 Station Whispering Death Charity Rarey N/A
11 2,4,2 Badlands Ryans Orange Hills !Felicia Feltham! N/A
12 4 Beau Rada Hareeba Lisa Synder N/A
13 Josrafi Raspadora Lodge Emelda Goettig N/A
14 1 Puzzle Wrap Lost Knight Emilia Baute N/A
15 7,7 Wildcard regalroller Rubi Bethune N/A
16 10 Midnight Slowpoke Racing Stripes !Linette Bankhead! N/A

Pre-race comments from:

Hareeba – “Entered late even though qualified but he’s only in for race xp. He’s low in OR and is still carrying too much condition so can’t imagine featuring against this top field. Good luck to all!”

Polenov – “Forza has already been the best horse I have ever trained, as she places in Breeders Cup final and won the Golden Slipper Prelude. I am really happy I have her in my stable. Her chances depend on track condition and my race instructions, if I don´t mess it up she has a chance to place.”

Bristol Turks – “Golden Slipper is probably the single most unpredictable race in all of TK. There are some good looking horses in the final already and possibly more entries before Friday so difficult to pick a winner. Bad Romance did ok in the breeders and has the potential to be in the money if the ground is on the dry sides so will be hoping for a bit of sunshine.”

avitblues – “Hoping Muffin Chocko runs well & not just there to make the numbers up.”

Orange Hills – “I’m hoping that Badlands Ryans finishes in the money. It is going to be hard. Looks like a nice big wide open field.

regalroller – “Just a throw at the stumps, definitely an outsider of the field and has only ran with app jockeys. Track condition should be suitable.

Burgersfortheboyz – “Big Bad Governess ran out of petrol in the final furlong of her heat. We have had to bump up the stamina to she if she can go the distance this time round. Pharoah Hanover has impressive dead xp and will be carrying my hard earned cash.”

Lost Knight – “My first go at the Slipper with Puzzel Wrap. She did win the breeders heat well and think she will run a bold race here. She is the best horse I have bred and deserves a go at this race.”

Racing Stripes – “Horse has been training well but the Slipper is a lottery should be an exciting race.”

Frankel Farm – “Cashback has always been playing catch-up as born a week after her rivals, but she has been developing nicely. This, however, looks a highly competitive field and I would be happy if she can finish in the money.”

Raspadora Lodge – “Josrafi – Has been in the stable less than a week, and is running simply for the fun of it. Has been six or seven years since I last had a Stalker (could have worded that better!), and am looking forward to taking eight seasons trying to learn how to race one again!”

Happy Skipper Stable – “Post time just around the corner, and stable still hung over from a night of partying. Hoping with blurry vision we’ll have better results with setting instruction. Anything less then top 5 will be disappointing ..”

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