The Champagne Stakes – 16th June 2017

Champagne Stakes

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 4,5 Stealy Coop stable BURNER Felisha Allamong N/A
2 7,1 Sigma Squared Frankel Farm Judith Eakes N/A
3 3,12,6,2 Run Ortofon Scar Westbury Lodge Kenton Strand N/A
4 3 Noble Egyptian Desert Wind Stables Norine Whelihan N/A
5 (scratched) N/A
6 1 Big Poppa Pump Priceless Speedsters Blazin’ Saddle N/A
7 2 The Mostest Ezulwini Lilly Jahncke N/A
8 (scratched) N/A
9 Dansattak RCS Locos Frankie Rodier N/A
10 Embrace Pugstable Hermina Hasenfuss N/A

Pre-race comments from:

Westbury Lodge – “Off the track I’m pleased with how the horse is looking, however the on track performances to date have not been up to scratch, and I can’t see that changing against a top field.”

Priceless Speedsters – “Without sizing up the field we feel that Poppa has a good chance to be top 3. Priceless Speedsters best prospect to date. Run Poppa run.”

Ezulwini – “I don’t think the going will be very kind to The Mostest. He performed very well in the Preview, but I’m not expecting too much from this one.”

Desert Wind Stables – “On paper he looks like he should be in with a chance but his style makes this so random!”

Pugstable – “My colt Embrace, is the spitting image of his dad Bang On. He is a big strong Top 7, weight disabled competitive. Even though he is a maiden, he has been trained up for this race and we will be hoping for a top 3 finish. I missed the lead up races as the slow conditions did not suit. I think it is an advantage to go into the final with out a run under the belt as we trained on dead tracks. I know little about my opposition. The stables number 2 jockey will ride him as my number one jock is running in the Melbourne Cup on the same weekend.
Good luck to all my fellow competitors in this world cup. I hope we all race as well as we can on the day.”

RCS Locos – “We missed out on the Prelude to this race but have the chance now to see what Dansattak can do. I think he’s in with a shout.”

Frankel Farm – “Based on the Champagne Preview, Sigma Squared seems to have a bit to find compared to his rivals. While reversing the form with Big Poppa Pump, The Mostest and Noble Egyptian is a big ask, I hope we can get a bit closer to them this time.”

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