The Grand Lowdown Rivalry Cup

Gran Munich Cheerleaders

A fascinating sparring session between a pair of our top tracks were one of the highlights on a day of top class racing on Saturday. It is refreshing to see stables from these tracks contribute generously in the form of credits to sponsor a cup. The game needs more stables like that to survive.  The showdown in itself has provided plenty of entertainment for stables and it demonstrated their organisational skills in fine style to the lead up of the final on Saturday.

History will show that Gran Munich romp to victory over Lower Melbourne, and take possession of the Cup for the first time. And there was a certain irony in the fact that it was one of the originators of the idea, Smogville, who landed the decisive blow, winning the final with Elemeno Rosette, to level the “series” 1 -1.

When these tracks collide, you sense that this is just the start of a ferocious rivalry that will run and run. And if this was a taste of things to come, we are all in for a treat.

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