The Grand Prix De Paris – 25th March 2017

Grand Prix De Paris

The Italian Stallion?

A very competitive field lines up for the Season 38 running the Grand Prix de Paris and with the track looking to stay slow, one feels the winner is likely to be one of the mudlarks in the line up.

Epic Muddy Hanover is an impressive looking horse on paper – the Nihilator filly failed to impress in the heat however and it remains to be seen if she has the class in a field like this. Allison Racing’s Roll With It on the other hand has shown he has all the class with a narrow loss in the Epsom earlier this season – this stable broke their World Cup maiden on the weekend and could be ready to double up their World Cup tally on Saturday – much respect for this runner who looked to have more to come in the heat.

Libra Starz from the Woodchuckers stable looks to be more of a long distance horse but leave him out at your peril, anything woodchuckers puts in a World Cup is a contender – I expect this horse to be handy early on and if the others are napping, could keep rolling to win it. Lost In The Fog’s  son of Our Gary – Our Buckwheat – won his heat but faded fast in the finish, he should strip a bit leaner for the final and if raced with a bit more restraint will definitely be a challenger.

The top four look to be the main challengers but a closer look reveals that cases can be made for a few others including Another Vice and Charity Clear who won the heat with an apprentice up – the only concern being fitness after a Sunday heat.

A fascinating contest awaits us …

Race field 

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 5 Epic Muddy Hanover Happy Skipper Stable Allen Beckham N/A
2 1,2,2 Roll With It Allison Racing Tashia Bichoupan N/A
3 1,1,1,2,1 Libra Starz woodchuckers Avril Timmermann N/A
4 1 Our Buckwheat Lost In The Fog Pam Farruggio N/A
5 1,1,1,1,1 !Charity Clear! Snohomish Silence !Mika Kolker(A)! N/A
6 4,7,3,5,3 Another Vice Moonlight Stables !Floria Massar! N/A
7 1,6,4 Bugeater Mallard Lucky Stable Philomena Dizer N/A
8 8,7,2,4,2 Super Suffragette Supersonic Stables Sid Delossanto N/A
9 3,11,3,6,1 Courses Affair C M Pace Ranch !Elois Gullatte! N/A
10 1,1,6,8,2 A-go-go Thalassa swindin Cyrus Banas N/A
11 1,3 Lara Scabby The Hospice Burl Ottosen N/A
12 4,7,14,1,3 Twlight Karrea Fairlawns Machelle Ratel N/A
13 4 Puppet Emmet The BeneFactory Hiram Guizar N/A


1. Epic Muddy Hanover

3yo filly from Happy Skipper Stable, Career earnings: $50,000
Overall rating: Reasonable(53) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 7th Oct 2016, bred by Happy Skipper Stable
Lineage:By Nihilator out of Sanremo

Stable comments: – “Someone from post 1-6 will win this race. Good luck to all.”

2. Roll With It

3yo colt from Allison Racing, Career earnings: $565,000
Overall rating: Reasonable(52) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 7th Oct 2016, bred by Bones Graveyard Stud
Lineage:By Mr Gizmo out of Angel Bones

Stable comments: – “Epic Muddy Hanover will be the one to beat. It has monster xp of 13 and 13, and is just above mine in OR so similar stats. Mine showed good form in the heat, and the jocks on a high from winning the slipper, so let’s hope it carries over into this final. Roll With It seems to have a great balance atm, and we have gate 2, so it will come down to RIS and hope we can sneak it from Skipper. Also will be watching for Our Buckwheat, and late comer Another Vice.”

3. Libra Starz

3yo filly from woodchuckers, Career earnings: $1,716,400
Overall rating: Reasonable(50) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 7th Oct 2016, bred by woodchuckers
Lineage:By Tiffy Pumper out of Diamond Starz

Stable comments: – “Libra a lovely filly she is ever consistent and always put in her best. The epic distance will test all in this field and for Libra that no different. Contenders well all the muddies are a chance with the lightly raced Our Buckwheat the favorite.”

4. Our Buckwheat

3yo colt from Lost In The Fog, Career earnings: $200,000
Overall rating: Reasonable(53) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 7th Oct 2016, bred by Lost In The Fog
Lineage:By Our Gary out of Durango Zod

Stable comments: – “Epic Muddy Hanover looks fantastic, he’s been a beast in Hoofs. Excluding the jock, he looks like the winner. Roll With It, everything looks solid. Even the jock. Libra Starz looked like the class of the long heats. I’d expect it to be setup to gun from the beginning. Everything of woody’s has a chance to win. Our Buckwheat, my pony spent most of his first 2 seasons in the pool. The three weeks leading up to the final have been about adding a smidge of speed and dropping some kg’s. Gates a lil below what I’d prefer for this situation. But otherwise he should give a good accounting.”

5. Charity Clear

3yo colt from Snohomish Silence, Career earnings: $434,196
Overall rating: Acceptable(43)
Born:Fri 7th Oct 2016, bred by Dark Stables
Lineage:By Scorpio out of Acer Houston’s

Stable comments: – “Frankly, we haven’t any lofty expectations for the final of this prestigious event. Charity Clear and jockey Mika Kolker (a) produced the most thrilling and biggest win in our stable’s short history, so we simply feel obliged to honor them by allowing them to run in the final. Good luck to all.”

6. Another Vice

3yo filly from Moonlight Stables, Career earnings: $350,500
Overall rating: Satisfactory(49) – Natural champion
Born:Fri 21st Oct 2016, bred by Moonlight Stables

Stable comments: – “Another Vice is a nice filly that will hopefully bring Moonlight Stables a world cup-but I’m not sure it will be our favorite one this time. She is still recovering from her heat and there are some pretty strong mudlarks in the final that look to be the best bets this Saturday. We’ll be hoping to bring home some of the purse.”

7. Bugeater Mallard

3yo filly from Lucky Stable, Career earnings: $180,800
Overall rating: Satisfactory(47) – Natural champion
Born:Fri 7th Oct 2016, bred by Reds Breeding Stud
Lineage:By Blue Tyndareus out of Miss Daysley

Stable comments: – “

8. Super Suffragette

3yo filly from Supersonic Stables, Career earnings: $747,400
Overall rating: Acceptable(43) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 7th Oct 2016, bred by daddy coulls
Lineage:By Aseel Zefflen out of Boo Khaki

Stable comments: – “In regards to the 3 yo GP final, I think that Our Buckwheat will win. He has been training hard especially for this race, and had a solid win in the heats. I think Roll With It will give him a good run for the money, and will place well. I also saw Snoweys jockey did a great job with Furiette Clown, and had a good last burst of speed in his race ( but was a shorter length race). I believe he will place well too. Libra Starz– Woody always does well in Cups, but I dont think will place in top 3. Another Vice is another good one to watch. Mine tries hard, but doesnt have the OR, but we keep trying and its fun!”

9. Courses Affair

3yo filly from C M Pace Ranch, Career earnings: $531,200
Overall rating: Satisfactory(45) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 7th Oct 2016, bred by C M Pace Ranch
Lineage:By Wingard out of Wilma Belladonte

Stable comments: – “

10. A-go-go Thalassa

3yo filly from swindin, Career earnings: $566,000
Overall rating: Satisfactory(47) – Fast finisher
Born:Fri 7th Oct 2016, bred by swindin
Lineage:By Barking Assembly out of Purchase

Stable comments: – “A-go-go Thalassa.….will struggle here in wet ground ..”

11. Lara Scabby

3yo filly from The Hospice, Career earnings: $107,176
Overall rating: Satisfactory(46)
Bred by:Unknown origins, birthdate Wed 19th Oct 2016
Lineage:Breeding history unknown

Stable comments: – “Lara is a nice filly, not quite ready for cup races yet but I need to run her somewhere.”

12. Twlight Karrea

3yo colt from Fairlawns, Career earnings: $222,027
Overall rating: Satisfactory(45) – Natural champion
Born:Fri 28th Oct 2016, bred by Seahorse Racing
Lineage:By Dancin out of Airy Flush

Stable comments: – “I’ve continued training Twilight for these epic contests. He’s earned a place in the final, although the ground will be far from ideal, he is going to take his chance. My jockey is not too confident at epic distances so it will be a big ask to finish in the top five. Fingers crossed we’ll pick up some valuable experience. Good luck all.”

13. Puppet Emmet

3yo filly from The BeneFactory, Career earnings: $52,500
Overall rating: Satisfactory(48) – Needs space
Born:Fri 7th Oct 2016, bred by Seahorse Racing
Lineage:By Dancin out of Poise Tres Dapple

Stable comments: – “

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