The Golden Slipper – 17th March 2017

Golden Slipper

And The Grammy Goes To?

Juveniles, so anything possible – however while Lucy In The Sky made an impressive debut and should be the one to beat, I think Black Sabbath represents the value. The daughter of FireBall Twerkin’, Partially Lame, could be a place prospect if raced with more restrain.

Heathens, Kralice and Black Sabbath finished on top of each other in the preview, and it is really down to who has improved the most in four weeks, to trouble Lucy In The SkyCommand is a fast improving sort, he ran a cracker in the prelude, and the same is expected here. Harold Deacon Bain and Captain Contrary both looks held by the mudlarks in the race, but will benefit from the run.

Breeders Cup winner Wrecking Ball hails from the junior’s farm stable, he is a distance winner already and could be dangerous, if the mudlarks fluff their lines.

Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 2 Black Sabbath Bristol Turks Versie Lauenroth N/A
2 1,2 Lucy In The Sky Hareeba Lisa Synder N/A
3 1,10,5 Partially Lame Sinthville Scarlet Symanski N/A
4 3 Heathens Allison Racing Tashia Bichoupan N/A
5 4 Kralice Yorulmaz Toney Carse N/A
6 1,5,5,1 Command craggy island Rosio Koran N/A
7   (scratched)     N/A
8 6,3 Harold Deacon Bain light weight Garfield Traina N/A
9 4 Captaen Contrary noseinfront Norah Cordaro N/A
10 8,1 Wrecking Ball junior’s farms Luciana Goodfellow N/A
11 17,2 Nacho Diram Rainbo Snowey’s Champs !Sulema Ramires! N/A
12 3,14 House Lannister WWE STUD Narcisa Jacquelin N/A


1. Black Sabbath

2yo colt from Bristol Turks, Career earnings: $190,750
Overall rating: Acceptable(41) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 27th Jan 2017, bred by Bristol Turks
Lineage:By Smoke On The Water out of Starlett

Stable comments: – “I’m really looking forward to this race. There are a few really good looking mudlarks so I’m expecting a competitive race. Black Sabbath is a re-breed so is a little bit behind in stats against some of the other runners in the final. But, he’s got a good pedigree and ran well in the preview so I’m hopeful for a good place.
Good luck to all the runners.”

2. Lucy In The Sky

2yo filly from Hareeba, Career earnings: $544,500
Overall rating: Acceptable(40) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 6th Jan 2017, bred by Hareeba
Lineage:By Morpheus out of Spanish Mix

Stable comments: – “The prelude run was a head scratcher. Ran a much slower time than her preview run. Think the jockey was too eager and thank goodness he’s on a holiday. Will have a new pilot and hoping for a better run. If that happens than I think she’ll be competitive, I hope…”

3. Partially Lame

2yo filly from Sinthville, Career earnings: $201,500
Overall rating: Acceptable(40) – Stalker
Born:Fri 6th Jan 2017, bred by Sinthville

Stable comments: – “

4. Heathens

2yo colt from Allison Racing, Career earnings: $190,750
Overall rating: Acceptable(44) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 6th Jan 2017, bred by Troublemaker’s

Stable comments: – “

5. Kralice

2yo filly from Yorulmaz, Career earnings: $95,375
Overall rating: Acceptable(42) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 6th Jan 2017, bred by Yorulmaz
Lineage:By Kartalbatur out of Hawks Posh Fairy

Stable comments: – “Kralice (The Queen) has the mudlark advantage plus distance and track training. At the beginning I think to train this filly for medium but she fits to the sprints better. Her father has won SS three times. (At the age of 6,8,10) So the blood is coming from Jobim line and we will see what will happen against the Black Sabbath, Heatens and Lucy In The Sky. This would be good race to watch.”

6. Command

2yo colt from craggy island, Career earnings: $483,335
Overall rating: Acceptable(40) – Unpredictable
Born:Fri 6th Jan 2017, bred by craggy island
Lineage:By Prince Bobbie out of Rio Galina

Stable comments: – “The 1200m distance combined with anticipated slow going will prove a serious test of stamina for any 2yo. Command could only manage 5th in the Slipper Preview and was a long way behind the eventual winner Lucy In The Sky. He is an unpredictable horse so I decided to give him a run in the Prelude where he turned the tables with a lightening speed finish to pip Lucy In The Sky at the post. His chances in the final? On a good day he has a great chance but I’d be very happy if he was in the prize money.

8. Harold Deacon Bain

2yo filly from light weight, Career earnings: $163,000
Overall rating: Acceptable(40) – Breakaway
Born:Fri 6th Jan 2017, bred by Manor Park Stud
Lineage:By Campaign out of Dolfie

Stable comments: – “I think being a 2yo race its anyone’s race. A bit of luck in the running will go a long way to getting a result in this race. There’s always the usual suspects that are always hard to beat I think my horse has a genuine chance to pull of a great result probably my best chance ever to win the slipper. This horse was one of the best 2yo breed this season from one of the best stables in the game it would a dream to win this race if there’s any race I’d love to win in this game it would have to be it.”

9. Captaen Contrary

2yo colt from noseinfront, Career earnings: $81,500
Overall rating: Adequate(38) – Unpredictable
Born:Fri 6th Jan 2017, bred by noseinfront
Lineage:By Dolores out of Aloha Milf

Stable comments: – “”Captaen Contrary for the Golden Slipper. Had first start in the preview and ran well for 4th, will have to improve quite a bit, hoping to finish top 5 but doubt it can win.”

10. Wrecking Ball

2yo colt from junior’s farms, Career earnings: $292,222
Overall rating: Acceptable(43) – Competitive
Born:Fri 6th Jan 2017, bred by junior’s farms
Lineage:By Je Jedd out of Aquilani Sizzling

Stable comments: – “Haven’t really taken a good look at the field,yet. I suppose I have a chance with Wrecking Ball, as he did manage a nice win in the BC 2yo Sprint. He also managed that, while incurring an injury. I gave him a bit of rest, so I am a bit anxious to see, if he can keep up,and stay healthy. Let’s see if my jockey can control this fiery Competitive, who comes from a couple of my fav’s Je Jedd, the sire, and Aquilani Sizzling, my fav mare. Good luck to all stables,and I hope I’m not dodging mud clods all race long.”

11. Nacho Diram Rainbo

2yo colt from Snowey’s Champs, Career earnings: $27,212
Overall rating: Acceptable(42) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 20th Jan 2017, bred by Snowey’s Champs
Lineage:By Fatalii out of Ego’s Under It

Stable comments: – “

12. House Lannister

2yo filly from WWE STUD, Career earnings: $60,000
Overall rating: Acceptable(43) – Early sprinter
Born:Fri 13th Jan 2017, bred by WWE STUD
Lineage:By Tiffy Pumper out of Mia Malkova

Stable comments: – “


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