The Lowe Cup – 21st January 2017

The Lowe Cup

“Are You Sailing This Weekend?”

History suggests that the Lowe Cup is sometimes a genuine pointer to greatness. Previous winners includes Tripp Leilani, and in recent times Relaunch and Patrobas.

There is some decent quality in the season 38 renewal with proven 5yo’s Madam Secretary, Nate’s E-mail and Nyquist the standouts. So You Think and Grand Prix de Paris winner Madam Secretary has been lightly raced and comes into race fresh like a daisy. She gets a golden opportunity to set the record straight after a below par third in the Diamond Cup. On current form the one to beat. Nate’s E-mail comes off a great win in the Diamond Cup last season, he is a genuine stayer, and will be in contention at the finish.

Nyquist is pure class and a true champion, winning five cups in total, two over medium and three over long distances. He has excellent form against his own and Margerita Cielik gets the ride.

All of the other runners have shown steady climbs in their respective ratings over the past few months as they have developed into serious contenders.


Race field

# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 (scratched) N/A
2 2,1,2,7,1 Tylers Tutti Force Morgan Metallo N/A
3 1,1,1,3,1 Madam Secretary Angel’s Flight Alyson Comans N/A
4 1,4,1,1,1 Havana Starz woodchuckers Claudette Ramesh N/A
5 2,5,3,3,3 Big Bad Mack Truck Burgersfortheboyz Judith Eakes N/A
6 1,1,1,1,2 Nyquist DR Stables Margherita Cieslik N/A
7 4,6,5 Sherbet Fernbank Park Caroll Marois N/A
8 2,4,3,7,9 Cold Turkey Pugstable Tiesha Rohla N/A
9 7,8,3,8,6 It Lemmy Spuraholics Vita Brandy N/A
10 4,3,1,1,2 Nate’s E-mail swindin Merrilee Fenti N/A
11 3,2 Mary Lou Shinibana Duncan Gasch N/A
12 1,6,6,5,8 Pomp And Ceremony Windmill Racing Lidia Lengle N/A


1. Bloodborne

5yo mare from Troublemaker’s, Career earnings: $495,000
Overall rating: Admirable(59) – Natural champion
Born:Fri 1st Apr 2016, bred by Troublemaker’s
Lineage:By Godzilla out of Cat Jar Tungsten 

Stable comments: – “Scratched”

2. Tylers Tutti

5yo mare from Force, Career earnings: $355,880
Overall rating: Admirable(59) – Fast finisher
Born:Fri 8th Apr 2016, bred by Briarwood Stables
Lineage:By Epic Flail out of Money A-Sis

Stable comments: – “The heavy conditions in the Cox Plate didn’t suit Tylers Tutti. She will much prefer this and hopefully she can finish in the money.”

3. Madam Secretary

5yo mare from Angel’s Flight, Career earnings: $2,834,200
Overall rating: Admirable(57) – Natural champion
Born:Fri 1st Apr 2016, bred by coniston
Lineage:By Grand National out of Hawks Mechanic

Stable comments: – “A strong quality field we will be facing and with Madam Secretary being lightly raced last season it feels like I am getting to know this mare all over again. I was very satisfied with her 5yo debut in the heat and felt like she was just warming up towards the end of the race.  There is no reason for her not to be able to put her best foot forward in the final.” 

4. Havana Starz

5yo mare from woodchuckers, Career earnings: $661,025
Overall rating: Admirable(57) – Natural champion
Born:Fri 1st Apr 2016, bred by Back in black
Lineage:By Ceres Samoan out of Super Red

Stable comments: – “Well qualifying went well certainly Havana is a work in progress showing promise. Will likely put up a good show if fit and give the main chances I hope some cheek in the final.”

5. Big Bad Mack Truck

5yo stallion from Burgersfortheboyz, Career earnings: $1,217,311
Overall rating: Admirable(59) – Fast finisher
Born:Fri 1st Apr 2016, bred by Burgersfortheboyz
Lineage:By Mack Daddy out of Big Bad Dominatrix 

Stable comments: – “Big Bad Mack Truck worked home nicely in his heat which might suggest he would appreciate the extra furlong in the final.Mary Lou’s OR is higher than the empire state building and Shinibana knows whats required at this level , whilst Madam Secretary and Havana Starz were impressive heat winners and will rightfully start as favourites. The Truck will be looking for the quickest highway home, hopefully up against the rail.”

6. Nyquist

5yo stallion from DR Stables, Career earnings: $3,604,366
Overall rating: Reasonable(54) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 1st Apr 2016, bred by DR Stables
Lineage:By Blitzen out of Weer Flawless

Stable comments: – “Nyquist is in deep in this race. A mudlark on a good or fast track with a quality field is not ideal. Margherita Cieslik gets the call for the final. I see three horses that stand out in this quality field, but give the nod to Madam Secretary to get the win. Will be happy not finishing last. Top five could be possible.”

7. Sherbet

5yo mare from Fernbank Park, Career earnings: $64,500
Overall rating: Admirable(59) – Natural champion
Born:Fri 1st Apr 2016, bred by Fernbank Park
Lineage:By Wildfire out of Puttycat

Stable comments: – “Going into race with very little experience. Will need everything to go right to figure in finish, but will give her every chance to be competitive and create an upset.”

8. Cold Turkey

5yo mare from Pugstable, Career earnings: $863,661
Overall rating: Excellent(60) – Competitive
Born:Fri 1st Apr 2016, bred by Pugstable
Lineage:By Better Boy out of Ode To Joy

Stable comments: – “She will be just making up the numbers in the final. She is a miler just running round in long race finals because my racing manager cant be bothered finding a suitable race for her. She will finish in the second half of the field at best.”

9. It Lemmy

5yo mare from Spuraholics, Career earnings: $527,000
Overall rating: Excellent(60) – Natural champion
Born:Fri 1st Apr 2016, bred by Spuraholics
Lineage:By Rebel Rebel out of Groupie Can

Stable comments: – “My girl has really lost all form so not holding out much hope of being competitive here. l do enjoy competing in these age races so that’s why we’re running. Will change up jockey tactics with the hope of improvement. The usual suspects look the chances in this with Madam Secretary clearly on top for me with a few improvers like Bloodborne, Nate’s Email & Big Bad Mac Truck being around the mark. Of course Nyquist won’t be far away either. A great race in the making!”

10. Nate’s E-mail

5yo stallion from swindin, Career earnings: $1,649,450
Overall rating: Admirable(58) – Natural champion
Born:Fri 1st Apr 2016, bred by swindin

Stable comments: – “Nate’s E-mail–jockey said last race he still had a lot left, if he can find more he would be very competive ..”

11. Mary Lou

5yo mare from Shinibana, Career earnings: $335,199
Overall rating: Grand(66) – Competitive
Born:Fri 1st Apr 2016, bred by Dan Park
Lineage:By Heathcliff out of Europa Buy

Stable comments: – “This is a very open race, but the good track should be a great advantage for fast finishers. Big Bad Mack Truck is a fast finisher and have great experience, I think he is going to win. My horse Mary Lou should be top 5 I think. But there is always hope.”

12. Pomp And Ceremony

5yo mare from Windmill Racing, Career earnings: $313,018
Overall rating: Admirable(55)
Born:Fri 1st Apr 2016, bred by Windmill Racing

Stable comments: – “She’s a nice filly and should be fit for the final. Her jockey change might eek out some improvement. Most form suggests she is out of her depth against the best of the age group but her run in the Cox Plate at the end of last season when she came 5th gives me a glimmer of hope that she might pick up some money from the prize pot.”

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