The Sussex Stakes – 24th December 2016 – London Bridge Racecourse

The Sussex Stakes

Kingsman, Our Gary, Faces Off

The Sussex Stakes has not been won twice in succession since it started a few seasons ago, but the Lost In The Fog-trained Our Gary could achieve it again this year. The ten-year-old Sheergar Peanut stallion impressed in his races this season and goes into today’s big race full of confidence. Kingsman is full of class and comes from the Manor Park Stud yard, who will have him spot on.

Saturday’s race will be the first and only time these two top milers would face each other. It promises to be a fascinating race.



Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 1 Our Gary Lost In The Fog Annice Ballesteros 1:29.739
2 6 Not Very Good Dopey Donkeys Digs Marielle Finneran 1:30.057
3 4 Fangface Magoo’s Fine Equine Luetta Dusch 1:30.150
4 2 Kingsman Manor Park Stud Michelle Llarenas 1:30.290
5 5 Rockys Coco The Judda Yard Karissa Vaeth 1:32.447


1. Our Gary

10yo stallion from Lost In The Fog, Career earnings: $12,209,272
Overall rating: Spectacular(85) – Fast finisher
Born:Sun 5th Oct 2014, bred by FRAMPTON
Lineage:By Sheergar Peanut out of Score Bonnet
Recent form:1,1,1,1,1

Stable comments: – “I expect Kingsman, winner of 25 or so world cups to be the favorite. Our Gary had more breeding sessions between wk 11 and the Sussex than I originally planned. Hopefully Ballesteros can refocus him on the mountain that he needs to climb to beat Kingsman. If the final is on a good surface I fully expect a 64.0+ average speed for these two. Perhaps even a push towards Troublemakers mid world record for the winner.”

2. Kingsman

8yo stallion from Manor Park Stud, Career earnings: $8,825,220
Overall rating: Majestic(84) – Competitive
Born:Fri 3rd Apr 2015, bred by Manor Park Stud
Lineage:By Fanatic out of Serenity 
Recent form:1,1,1,1,1

Stable comments: – “Like a bad dream. Come to a medium final to find a fast finisher with better ground xp than my comp. Kingsman should be in top form but will need a touch of luck to beat Our Gary I feel. Fully expect the race to be run at a speed of 64+, just not sure it’ll be mine doing the winning.”

3. Chippy European

8yo stallion from Denhale stable, Career earnings: $0
Overall rating: Spectacular(86) – Natural champion
Born:Fri 24th Apr 2015, bred by Manor Park Stud
Lineage:By Tangles out of Woogie Odyssy Phan
Recent form:

Stable comments: – “Figured I would give Chippy a run out, stretch his legs a little, obviously he has no chance, jockey Vergie Donnel has low xp and low moral, also Chippy isn’t blessed with any XP either! High OR means nothing I guess.”

4. Fangface

10yo stallion from Magoo’s Fine Equine, Career earnings: $11,522,275
Overall rating: Marvelous(79) – Competitive
Born:Sun 5th Oct 2014, bred by hells horses
Lineage:By Cheer Now out of Exposed Cocaine 
Recent form:1,1,1,1,4

Stable comments: – “

5. Rockys Coco

9yo stallion from The Judda Yard, Career earnings: $6,198,080
Overall rating: Marvelous(78) – Competitive
Born:Fri 2nd Jan 2015, bred by woodchuckers
Lineage:By Sharpnwise out of Saving Grace
Recent form:6,1,1,1,1

Stable comments: – “There are some world class horses in this field so I would be happy to run a place.”



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