The Emerald Shoe Cup – 24th December 2016 – River Nile Delta Racecourse

The Emerald Shoe

Married For Life

What A Rush’s consistent daughter Wife Doesn’t Play is a big mare, she has oodles of ability and boasts the heart of a lion. She could add to her win tally here. She is in prime form and looks very fit and ready to win again. That is certainly the way it appears on paper too. Jaguar Flyer is drawn against the paint but looks held by our first selection and will probably be relegated to place money again.

Aussie Man Sardean has been a model of consistency and ran well when stepping out last Saturday. The stable’s maiden cup win can’t be far away. Keladry is no slouch at best and will earn in this field.



Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 2 Wife Doesn’t Play Troublemaker’s Shari Mealor 1:18.690
2 4 Keladry Speed Breed Reta Derrah 1:19.021
3 3 Aussie Man Sardean Sardean Lodge Minda Hendrick 1:19.164
4 5 Creeping Death DoubleJ Ranch Josette Cilek 1:19.825
5 9 American Liberty Smokey Blues Julienne Flener 1:19.998


1. Jaguar Flyer

5yo stallion from flying spurs, Career earnings: $1,193,560
Overall rating: Excellent(62) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 1st Jan 2016, bred by Dem Stud
Lineage:By I’ve Soiled Myself out of Charley 
Recent form:1,1,1,1,2

Stable comments: – “Ran as expected in the heats her weight was a bit low so with added weight may see her run the race out better. Sardean sprinter very impressive is the one to beat.”

2. Wife Doesn’t Play

5yo mare from Troublemaker’s, Career earnings: $1,171,892
Overall rating: Grand(65) – Competitive
Born:Fri 1st Jan 2016, bred by MolietsSurfer
Lineage:By What A Rush out of Wear The Fox Hat 
Recent form:3,2,5,1,1

Stable comments: – “The rain is an issue for us, Wife Doesn’t Play broke the 5yo WR on slow winning her heat easy and with a lot left in the tank, but Mud-Larks in the heavy rain are extremely difficult to beat, we are not that confident for the final.”

3. Aussie Man Sardean

5yo stallion from Sardean Lodge, Career earnings: $1,477,986
Overall rating: Grand(66) – Mud-lark
eage:By Ozymandias out of Sardean
Recent form:3,3,2,1,1

Stable comments: – “Well what can I say about Aussie? In the lead up to the Emerald I went back and watched some of his past finals and died a little inside all over again at the little mistakes that cost him his chances at a world cup. Once again we will have a red hot throw at the stumps, probably with the wrong jockey, but we will see how he ends up. The obvious danger is Wife Doesn’t Play who will come back in distance for the final. Good luck everyone.

4. Keladry

5yo mare from Speed Breed, Career earnings: $1,261,861
Overall rating: Excellent(63) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 1st Jan 2016, bred by Speed Breed
Lineage:By Canus Sharif out of Arya Horseface 
Recent form:1,2,1,1,3

Stable comments: – “Keladry has a chance maybe, but short distance races are not her specialty. The track condition will be slow or maybe even heavy, so the ML’s have the best chance. I would include Keladry in the top 3 or top 5, but she hasn’t performed well in previous Cup finals, so don’t hold your breath.”

5. Creeping Death

5yo stallion from DoubleJ Ranch, Career earnings: $1,173,262
Overall rating: Excellent(61) – Breakaway
Born:Fri 1st Jan 2016, bred by frontline stables
Lineage:By Laak Attack out of Barrel
Recent form:4,1,1,2,2

Stable comments: – “

6. The Great Heist

5yo mare from djs stable, Career earnings: $903,783
Overall rating: Admirable(58) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 1st Jan 2016, bred by djs stable
Lineage:By Heisenberg out of Isn’t She Great
Recent form:2,1,6,3,4

Stable comments: – “4th in fastest heat and any improvement could see me finish in a top five position which would be my best result. The horses to beat are “Wife Doesn’t Play” and “Aussie Man Sardean“.

7. Krug Horacio Chop

5yo mare from Chingford Stable, Career earnings: $502,663
Overall rating: Admirable(56) – Early sprinter
Born:Fri 1st Jan 2016, bred by Chingford Stable
Lineage:By Kitten out of Tic Samantha
Recent form:10,8,2,2,6

Stable comments: – “Vast improvement needed for the final to be any sort of chance, just making up the numbers. Good luck to all in the final.”

8. The Fix

5yo mare from Blackjack Farms, Career earnings: $456,400
Overall rating: Tremendous(70)
Born:Fri 1st Jan 2016, bred by Risingstar
Lineage:By Mr Mutley out of Loss Kieran Clint 
Recent form:10,1,1,3

Stable comments: – “

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