The GnuMad Cup – 24th December 2016 – River Nile Delta Racecourse

The GnuMad Cup

Wet, Wet, Wet

One of my favorite horses Closing Zenobia lines up in Saturday’s GnuMad Cup. With six muddies in the small field, she won’t have things her own way and this race has all the makings of a humdinger. Manor Park Stud is a master of his art, and should never be discounted. All of Pyramid Scheme, Devils Lil’ Sister, Mutley The Mutt, Smoothy Lyric and Turds Mach will love the slop, and big runs are expected from them.



Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 3 Devils Lil’ Sister Lost In The Fog James Weisenfluh 1:58.651
2 2 Pyramid Scheme Sootie Flor Tresselt 1:59.571
3 5 Smoothy Lyric The Willow’s Elite Deadra Simek 1:59.603
4 4 Mutley The Mutt JinxIt stables Mable Mcquade 1:59.677
5 1 Closing Zenobia Manor Park Stud Janita Hoffer 1:59.716


1. Closing Zenobia

10yo mare from Manor Park Stud, Career earnings: $9,769,042
Overall rating: Spectacular(87) – Natural champion
Born:Sun 5th Oct 2014, bred by Manor Park Stud
Recent form:1,1,1,1,1

Stable comments: – “Will be the last race in the career of this great mare. Has been up against some top long horses over the years and hasn’t let us down once. This seasons GnuMAD looks as tough as ever to win. Devils looks the one we all have to beat after setting some great times in the slop all season.”

2. Pyramid Scheme

9yo stallion from Sootie, Career earnings: $6,244,242
Overall rating: Majestic(82) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 2nd Jan 2015, bred by Seahorse Racing
Lineage:By Luas Lasrach out of Pufferfish 
Recent form:2,1,3,1,1

Stable comments: – “It’s a MUD FEST! Lol I’m pretty sure a mudlark will win this (hopefully mine) and there’s a few which can but there’s a slight concern of a certain someone in this race who’s the best player on here (Manor Park Stud if you didn’t know!) who could ruin things. Can his greater OR Natural Champion styled horse beat the muddies we’ll soon find out.”

3. Devils Lil’ Sister

9yo mare from Lost In The Fog, Career earnings: $6,082,377
Overall rating: Majestic(84) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 2nd Jan 2015, bred by Nashayman
Lineage:By Jiggy out of Point Court
Recent form:1,1,1,1,1

Stable comments: – “Devils Lil’ Sister set 3 long/ slow world records this last season. If she takes to the River Nile Delta track & it comes up slow she should be tough to beat.”

4. Mutley The Mutt

9yo stallion from JinxIt stables, Career earnings: $4,490,787
Overall rating: Marvelous(79) – Mud-lark
Born:Sat 24th Jan 2015, bred by Sootie
Lineage:By Mack Daddy out of Cold Call 
Recent form:1,2,1,1,1

Stable comments: – “

5. Smoothy Lyric

9yo mare from The Willow’s Elite, Career earnings: $4,995,431
Overall rating: Grand(66) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 2nd Jan 2015, bred by Yorulmaz
Lineage:By Flash Named Tic out of Blunc Manassa 
Recent form:1,1,1,1,2

Stable comments: – “Smoothy Lyric is a mare that always gives her all. Much lower rated than her opposition it is going to be a tough ask but I am hopeful!”

6. Turds Mach

8yo stallion from Sin666, Career earnings: $3,462,698
Overall rating: Majestic(83) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 3rd Apr 2015, bred by The Farmhouse Stud
Recent form:3,3,1,1,1

Stable comments: – “

7. Elysium Roofus

3yo colt from Spalrom, Career earnings: $557,092
Overall rating: Moderate(33)
Bred by:Unknown origins, birthdate Fri 1st Jul 2016
Lineage:Breeding history unknown 
Recent form:2,1,1,1,1

Stable comments: – “Not got much hope really. If we can still see another runner at the finish line then we will have done well.”

8. Toker Palermo

9yo mare from Racing Stripes, Career earnings: $4,844,272
Overall rating: Grand(65) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 9th Jan 2015, bred by Racing Stripes
Lineage:By Star Showgirl out of Amara Elwood 
Recent form:1,2,1,1,1

Stable comments: – “Toker has been a really consistent mare and she runs well so I would hope for a top 5 finish, but it is going to be a tough race.”

9. Gs Semih

10yo stallion from JamesBrown, Career earnings: $7,598,085
Overall rating: Tremendous(74) – Natural champion
Born:Sun 5th Oct 2014, bred by Troublemaker’s
Lineage:By Wild King out of I’m A Nag 
Recent form:1,1,1,5,3

Stable comments: – “This should be a really competitive final and although the muddies should dominate I am hoping for a top 5 finish.”

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