The Movember Crown – 22nd October 2016 – Sydney Harbour Racecourse


The Movember Crown

Without Valor, Freedom Dies….

RCS Locos has Shadow Warrior in the race and there is little doubt that he is the most improved miler in his age group. The son of Sharpwise has a cracking good formline that includes a top class win in The Pegasus Plate last time. Wayne Kinker takes over the ride from Michell Embleton and he has done nothing wrong. Secret Pharaoh looks to be his likely chief rival and the Dixon Racing yard has decided to change pilots, with Pierre Strydom taking over from Emmie Assad. The son of Ozymandias comes in fit and is rather unfortunate not to have added to his CV with three feature race seconds in this company.

Three time world cup winner Ajax can run with the best on his day. His Pegasus Plate run produced no fireworks but with a rails draw, he will only need to find a little bit of his best to have a shout here. Billy Bushwacker rides his for the first time in a cup final and is a powerful jock who knows his way around this track. Herculaneum is game and tries hard but seems a touch outgunned here.

The Aussie bred stallion Just About Square is not for off the better milers in his age group, and he showed it with placed runs in the last two world cups. He could well prove some serious value. Ghanainternational’s Sonic Blur mare Idea Cafe Stink just does not know how to run a poor race, and is never far off the action.

Chaotic Neutral has Left Turn Ahead in the race. The Australian-bred ran a cracking second in the Pegasus Plate and showed his fitness with an solid third in the heat on Saturday. That is a dream prep for a solid staying sort and there will be plenty of support for the Dracarys six year old.



Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 6 Shadow Warrior RCS Locos Wayne Kinker 1:47.307
2 3 Secret Pharaoh Dixon Racing Pierre Strydom 1:47.456
3 5 Idea Cafe Stink ghanainternational Suzann Gelo 1:47.463
4 8 Left Turn Ahead Chaotic Neutral Tabitha Shiyou 1:47.574
5 4 Just About Square Get Square Lodge Eunice Lapin 1:48.219


1. Ajax

6yo stallion from captaincrusoe, Career earnings: $2,986,122
Overall rating: Grand(66) – Fast finisher
Born:Fri 9th Oct 2015, bred by captaincrusoe
Lineage:By What A Rush out of Blue Cassandra 
Recent form:1,1,1,6,1

Stable comments: – “Ajax was always chasing in the Pegasus Plate final in his last race, he was never in the hunt for the style to kick in properly. He needs to find his mojo back to have any chance of troubling the others. I would be happy with a top5 finish.” 

2. Herculaneum

6yo stallion from Barcarolle, Career earnings: $1,120,000
Overall rating: Grand(69) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 23rd Oct 2015, bred by Dixon Racing
Lineage:By Sharpnwise out of Secret Rapture
Recent form:1,4,4,8,5

Stable comments: – “Smallish field in this seasons Movember, looks to be an interesting race with the weather dry and track good. The main chances I see are Shadow Warrior which should prove to be the hardest to hold out. Secret Pharoah and Ajax will be right there in the finish making a good account for themselves. These would be the three hardest to beat, with my runner Herculaneum ready to cause a surprise with a change in stride and race instruction.”

3. Secret Pharaoh

6yo stallion from Dixon Racing, Career earnings: $2,466,711
Overall rating: Grand(68) – Fast finisher
Born:Fri 23rd Oct 2015, bred by Dixon Racing
Lineage:By Ozymandias out of Secret Scandal
Recent form:2,2,1,3,2

Stable comments: – “Although Secret Pharaoh seems to have everything in place to be a good racer, he lacks something that I haven’t managed to work out yet. I’ll be working on his stride and weight before the final and expect a slight improvement, but doubt it will be enough for the win. I’m hoping for a top 3 finish at best with the ones to beat being RCS Locos’ impressive Shadow Warrior and three time cup winner Ajax from the captaincrusoe yard.”

4. Just About Square

6yo stallion from Get Square Lodge, Career earnings: $1,366,500
Overall rating: Excellent(61) – Early sprinter
Born:Fri 2nd Oct 2015, bred by Get Square Lodge
Lineage:By Gemstone Ranga out of Cashy Icefall 
Recent form:3,1,2,4,2

Stable comments: – “Should be a great race with many having a genuine chance. My bloke will need all the right breaks if he is to trouble a couple of these. I like Secret Pharaoh, has had a good preparation and I am very weary of Ajax…outstanding horse. However we will go out and make it a true mile of stamina so a top five finish would be a bonus for us.”

5. Idea Cafe Stink

6yo mare from ghanainternational, Career earnings: $2,018,241
Overall rating: Grand(67) – Mud-lark
Born:Fri 2nd Oct 2015, bred by M B UNITED FC
Lineage:By Sonic Blur out of Rican Manatee
Recent form:3,6,2,5,3

Stable comments: – “Idea Cafe Stink, has been a good juvenile racer, however, has been unlucky with the weather. She likes it wet and I doubt there will be enough juice in the ground this time around. Ajax, Shadow Warrior and Secret Pharaoh all look capable of taking the Movember Cup. I will do a rain dance and hope it rains.”

6. Shadow Warrior

6yo stallion from RCS Locos, Career earnings: $3,234,800
Overall rating: Excellent(64) – Fast finisher
Born:Fri 9th Oct 2015, bred by Manor Park Stud
Lineage:By Sharpnwise out of Gallamist
Recent form:5,2,1,1,1

Stable comments: – “Shadow Warrior is in good form and good condition so I’m hoping for a repeat of the Pegasus. Secret Pharaoh, Ajax and Left Turn Ahead are the three I think are more than capable of winning.”

7. Jez We Can

6yo stallion from Lozzy Stables, Career earnings: $713,480
Overall rating: Excellent(63) – Breakaway
Born:Fri 9th Oct 2015, bred by Lozzy Stables
Lineage:By Gone Nuclear out of Scarlet Brigade
Recent form:7,3,3,11,4

Stable comments: – “Jez We Can has come last in his last three world cup races, the Jewel of The Mile qualifier, the Pegasus Plate and most recently in his Movember heat. While he is up there in terms of OR and distance experience the problems are twofold. First he has never got the good ground he craves. And second he doesn’t have the acceleration to make use of his breakaway style. Getting behind early is killing his chances and I’m afraid this is the likely outcome again come race day in the Movember final.”

8. Left Turn Ahead

6yo mare from Chaotic Neutral, Career earnings: $1,202,429
Overall rating: Excellent(63) – Fast finisher
Born:Fri 2nd Oct 2015, bred by flying spurs
Lineage:By Dracarys out of Redzespur
Recent form:1,1,1,2,3

Stable comments: – “It’s the Pegasus Plate final all over again. So I’d expect the same favorites to run the show. Shadow Warrior as the winner of the Plate carries the bulls-eye on him with the others sizing him up. I expect much better showings from both Ajax and Secret Pharaoh. Those three have to be the top favorites. As for my pony, Left Turn Ahead, I would be delighted if she could repeat the performance from the Plate final. With a particularly good run, she could even challenge for the top spot. Prep has been spot on this time around, so let’s see how it shakes down.”

9. Mori Bucking Zag

6yo mare from Le Saint Stables, Career earnings: $631,244
Overall rating: Admirable(57)
Bred by:Unknown origins, birthdate Wed 14th Oct 2015
Lineage:Breeding history unknown
Recent form:2,3,4,2,1

Stable comments: – “She is the rank outsider and deservedly so little race experience barely qualified on prize money too I will be ecstatic if she makes the top 5 finish get entry fee back 🙂 .”

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