The 3yo Short Breeder Cup – 13th Aug 2016 – Mediterranean Coastal Racecourse


The 3yo Short Breeder Cup

Second Sucks!

A small but very competitive race awaits us here on Saturday. Bristol Turks bids for his maiden 3yo Short Breeder Cup, and he sends out his smart 3yo colt Ride The Lightning, weather permitting, the yard looks set for a great day. The Aussie bred colt Morning Poke is not far off the better gallopers and has run two smart preps. Wormwood lost his crown jewels before setting foot on the racetrack, he will be in the shake-up. Gary Sunny surprised everyone with a cracking run in the shorter heat on Saturday. The 3yo could win this at best and has a decent turn of foot. Lilliza Amadeus moves up in distance. Ride The Lightning was a few lengths ahead of him in the same race, and ought to have the measure of Lilliza Amadeus again. Beka Cooper ran a modest fourth in the heat on Saturday, she is drawn on the wide side, and she has plenty of leeway to make up.



Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 1 Ride The Lightning Bristol Turks Bree Vascones 1:20.129
2 2 Morning Poke Sardean Lodge Kelley Gaseoma 1:20.447
3 4 Wormwood trouble racing Jenifer Markve 1:20.619
4 8 Beka Cooper Speed Breed Rey Goody 1:20.773
5 5 Gary Sunny RUMP STEAK RACING Melina Wipfli 1:21.836


1. Ride The Lightning

3yo colt from Bristol Turks, Career earnings: $779,311
Overall rating: Satisfactory(49) – Fast finisher

Stable comments: – “Lightning had a good run in the heat, I was hoping for him to finish strongly and that’s exactly what he’s done. I think I need to make a couple of slight adjustments as the going should be good and the final is slightly shorter. Breeders tend to be difficult to predict. I think Lightning has a good chance to finish in the money but gonna need a top run. Beka Cooper, Morning Poke, Wormwood, Gary Sunny and Lilliza Amadeus all look capable and will be in the mix.”

2. Morning Poke

3yo colt from Sardean Lodge, Career earnings: $385,200
Overall rating: Satisfactory(49) – Fast finisher

Stable comments: – “Well I was disappointing with the other days Morning Poke. It was not he same as I had previously. We will do some tinkering throughout the week and hope we can find the sweet spot to make it a success this weekend. Good luck to everyone competing.”

3. Jockstrap

3yo colt from C M Pace Ranch, Career earnings: $213,969
Overall rating: Moderate(33) – Competitive

Stable comments: – “Jockstrap was the second lowest OR horse in Sunday’s heat. This is a horse that I halted training at OR39 to keep him a U40 runner. I merely entered him to gain some XP and had no intention of running him in the final. I didn’t even bet on him thinking he had no chance at showing. Surprise! Jockstrap won his heat by 7 lengths. Timewise, he ran the 4th fastest heat. Now, I will enter him in the final out of curiosity. Let’s see how he does against the true Saturday heat contenders.”

4. Wormwood

3yo gelding from trouble racing, Career earnings: $28,000
Overall rating: Reasonable(50) – Fast finisher

Stable comments: – “I was wrapped when this colt was born, having only spent 16 grand for stud rights. Made his debut in the qualifier last week and showed enough to suggest a second up win is not beyond him.”

5. Gary Sunny

3yo colt from RUMP STEAK RACING, Career earnings: $525,750
Overall rating: Acceptable(42) – Stalker

Stable comments: – “

6. Lilliza Amadeus

3yo colt from JamesBrown, Career earnings: $476,600
Overall rating: Satisfactory(47) – Early sprinter

Stable comments: – “

7. Apple Of My Eye

3yo filly from Tony’s Trotters, Career earnings: $192,912
Overall rating: Adequate(35)

Stable comments: – “Pretty sure I won’t win, but I enjoy testing my horses against other home bred horses.”

8. Beka Cooper

3yo filly from Speed Breed, Career earnings: $185,500
Overall rating: Satisfactory(49) – Stalker

Stable comments: – “Beka Cooper and Rey Goody haven’t had much luck together in the past but are hoping to turn it all around in the finals. Beka Cooper has no IP issues and should be in peak medical condition on race day. She’s a top rated 3yo but hasn’t shown her true speed yet, maybe Saturday will be the day?”

9. Esteemed Morning

3yo filly from Heureka Stables, Career earnings: $274,092
Overall rating: Adequate(39) – Fast finisher

Stable comments: – “

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