The Lowe Guineas – 23rd July 2016 – Sydney Harbour Racecourse


The Lowe Guineas

Welcome to 24th running of the Lowe Guineas, sponsored by Hareeba.

Track Nuts decided to send Crackers down to the training bases and get a few comments from the trainers. Let’s start with Angel’s Flight.

Crackers – Angel, being a multiple cup winner you must be confident of a good result on Saturday. To date Bozo The Clown has been very impressive.

Angel – “The conditions won’t be in Bozo The Clown’s favor this weekend, with the mudlark’s having a likeability advantage, but no excuses. A paradigm has been set before in the past, and this weekend will take a real Neil Gaiman moment.”

Crackers –  Hello Chrissy, you have a new cup runner in the barn, can you tell us a bit about him and your expectations? Can we also get your view on the field and the main dangers?

Chrissya – “Jaguar Flyer is new to the stable and was purchased late last season. He is unlikely to run medium long term but has trained up well and still might give a real sight. Bozo The Clown looks hard to beat, and of course Manor Park’s Mire Eezee is also a threat.”

Crackers – Crow you have a nice runner in Addie Over Captain who has been a solid in runner in all his starts, how do you see your chances Saturday? Do you think your jockey can measure up and can a competitive challenge these muddies?

Crowsrock – “Going to be a good race this one, very strong and even field where every horse has a chance of winning. Captain had a poor run in the heat but jock only had acceptable morale so with AI morale should gel a lot better and have an improved run. The slow ground will make it hard against the muddies but with the comp style and the most exp in the race I’m hoping for a good result”

Crackers – Sardean, your horses have been very consistent in cups in recent seasons, how do you see your chances with Aussie Man Sardean and who are the main dangers?

Sardean – “Aussie Man Sardean has been running out of his skin. He will be trained to the minute and hopefully represent Sardean Lodge well. Nakesha and I are apparently failing to get on the same page and that is hindering our chances at success. We feel that Bozo The Clown is the favorite for the race. Good luck to all competing.”

Crackers – How do you see your chances with Blitzman?

RCS Locos – “Blitzman has been a tad unpredictable and surprised me how well he ran in his heat. I’m hoping this duo can repeat but the extra 200m in the final might be too much for him though. Bozo The Clown to pip a muddie.”



Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 3 Jaguar Flyer flying spurs Dominga Autullo 1:50.132
2 2 Mire Eezee Manor Park Stud Kathie Presutti 1:50.725
3 5 Aussie Man Sardean Sardean Lodge Nakesha Broida 1:51.032
4 1 Bozo The Clown Angel’s Flight Chantel Paolello 1:52.084
5 4 Addie Over Captain crowsrock Bret Hallie 1:52.247


# Form Horse Stable Jockey Final Odds
1 1,2,1,1,1 Bozo The Clown  4yo Stallion Career Earnings  $2,170,962   – Stalker Angel’s Flight Chantel Paolello N/A
2 2 Mire Eezee             4yo mare Career earnings: $100,000- Mud-lark Manor Park Stud !Kathie Presutti! N/A
3 13,2 Jaguar Flyer   4 yo stallion , Career earnings: $100,000- Mud-lark flying spurs Dominga Autullo N/A
4 8,2,3,5 Addie Over Captain   4yo stallion , Career earnings: $515,000- Competitive crowsrock Bret Hallie N/A
5 6,2,2,2,3 Aussie Man Sardean  4yo stallion , Career earnings: $651,875 – Mud-lark Sardean Lodge Nakesha Broida N/A
6 4,5,1,7,1 Blitzman             4yo stallion  Career earnings: $811,253 – Competitive RCS Locos Wayne Kinker N/A
7 12,4,10,6,5 Mystro Ryder     4yo stallion , Career earnings: $173,100- Natural champion Back in black Waltraud Bielecki N/A

In summary, the winner of this season’s Lowe Guineas will come down to how much cover Bozo The Clown gets during the run. What is obvious is that it’s an even field and clearly 4 or 5 can win. Addie Over Captain, Blitzman and Aussie Sardean have all shown a bit and the trainers know their horses, so all 3 are in the mix. I find it hard to get a line on Manor Park’s Mire Eezee and Flying Spurs’ Jaguar Flyer as both are very new to the trainers, that said, both clearly know how to train a cup winner.

Tips and kiss of death

1, Bozo The Clown

2.Aussie Man Sardean

3.Mire Eezee

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