The Amethyst Trophy – 16th July 2016 – Rocky Mountain Ridge Racecourse


The Amethyst Trophy

The First Lady

Track King newest superstar Angel From Hell takes her first step towards this season’s Triple Crown when she lines up as a warm order favourite to win The Amethyst Trophy at Rocky Mountain Ridge Racecourse on Saturday. Looking at her form, the daughter of Blitzen looks a good thing and could provide a gift for punters. She has won three age sprint world cups already, namely, The Golden Slipper and Breeders Cup 2yo Sprint at 2, and the Ascot Vale Cup early last season at 3. The sobering reality for her opposition is that she is more effective as a sprinter, and still unbeaten over the Saturday’s distance of 1200m. With a stablemate in the race – Dirtylittlesecret – there will be tactical options to ensure a decent gallop.

Angel From Hell is a confident choice to go on and win this well.



Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 1 Hay List Hareeba Ross Treleven 1:10.898
2 4 Naksup Alien BODRUMLUCK Reta Derrah 1:11.087
3 11 Koko Nachos Dotties Stables Alyson Comans 1:11.636
4 3 Dirtylittlesecret DR Stables Carmelita Rajk 1:11.680
5 2 Angel From Hell DR Stables Ferdinand Blixt 1:11.804


1. Hay List

4yo stallion from Hareeba, Career earnings: $1,232,600
Overall rating: Reasonable(54) – Early sprinter

Stable comments: – “Only entered my horse into the Amethyst at the last minute due to the expected chance of a good track for the final. Not a perfect prep as the horse had a training track session on the Tuesday before the Sunday heat and went into that at vig/fresh and came out of it vig/wasted. Recovery and a good track is key to my horse’s chances in the final. Hoping all falls into place as I think he’s got the right OR and sprint and good track xp to be competitive.”

2. Angel From Hell

4yo mare from DR Stables, Career earnings: $3,514,844
Overall rating: Reasonable(54) – Stalker

Stable comments: – “I believe this will be Angel From Hell’s toughest race. Ferdnand Blixt will replace retired jockey Dominique Donlin and will have some big shoes to fill. Plus there are 3 quality sprinters in this race and any of the 3 could win. Hay List from Hareeba, Naksup Alien from BODRUMLUCK and Shuda Bena Muddy from Trouble Racing. If Blixt allows Angel to use her stalking style she could win, if he tries to race with the front runners top 5 at best.”

3. Dirtylittlesecret

4yo mare from DR Stables, Career earnings: $1,680,310
Overall rating: Satisfactory(47) – Early sprinter

Stable comments: – “Dirtylittlesecret is not in the best form and a top 5 finish is about all this horse will do. She should be on or near the lead at 400m and hope she settles to have enough left for the final quarter.”

4. Naksup Alien

4yo mare from BODRUMLUCK, Career earnings: $504,400
Overall rating: Reasonable(52) – Fast finisher

Stable comments: – “When I bought Naksup Alien I didn’t think much of her after entering in hoofs in her early days. Since then she responded well to training and is proving to be quite a decent mare. I was pleasantly surprised to see her run very well in her heat under softer than preferred distance and going. I believe we will give the Dr a good run for his money. In all I will be delighted if my efforts pay off.”

5. Skol Commander

4yo stallion from Gray Dog Stables, Career earnings: $689,900
Overall rating: Reasonable(52) – Early sprinter

Stable comments: – “Well it is Angel From Hell‘s world and we are all just running in it. AFH looks nearly impossible to beat and with a disappointing 6th in qualifying I’m not sure Skol Commander is up for it but hoping for a rebound and a chance to surprise.”

6. Shuda Bena Muddy

4yo gelding from trouble racing, Career earnings: $1,818,720
Overall rating: Reasonable(51) – Stalker

Stable comments: – “Looking forward to this one. If Angel From Hell falters at all, my runner will be ready to pounce 🙂 . In all seriousness DR Stable’s runner is a cut above the rest and sixth world cup will be a formality. Congrats in advance Daniel.”

7. Theres A Star Man

4yo stallion from WWE STUD, Career earnings: $953,690
Overall rating: Satisfactory(49) – Mud-lark

Stable comments: – “

8. Hasard Latara Acka

4yo stallion from Paradise Valley, Career earnings: $831,496
Overall rating: Acceptable(44) – Mud-lark

Stable comments: – “

9. Creeping Death

4yo stallion from DoubleJ Ranch, Career earnings: $614,321
Overall rating: Reasonable(53) – Breakaway

Stable comments: – “

10. Capatilist

4yo mare from Shamrock Racing, Career earnings: $580,850
Overall rating: Admirable(55) – Needs space

Stable comments: – “

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