The Epona Cup – 25th June 2016 – London Bridge Racecourse


The Epona Cup

Rhythm Of The Rain

Saturday hosts a five race programme that presents a few tricky posers for punters looking for some mouthwatering dividends. It has been some time since one can recall a genuine mudbath at London Bridge Racecourse with some really quality fields, and for those mudlarks with the big feet finding a rare spark of form to win. The two main runners are Viking Power and Dodge And Swerve, and we expect them to be fight out the finish. The 4yo mare of Baron Kublai, Hermione Deelites has been found wanting at this level previously but may be coming into her own and makes for an interesting prospect. Nefertiti has been lightly raced and might surprise everyone. Type Darkest Arial has been consistent and another good effort is expected. It won’t be easy going for the talented runner from the Graydog Stables Shamrock from the 11 draw.

The heat will be on from the start. Watch the weather and underfoot conditions.

Any one of seven could win it if things go their way. We are siding with Viking Power and Dodge And Swerve to slog it out.



Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 2 Nefertiti Desert Wind Stables Norine Whelihan 1:26.615
2 6 Viking Power New Scotland Yard Chase Mccaslin 1:26.883
3 1 Hermione Deelites Dopey Donkeys Digs Ernestina Deneen 1:26.923
4 3 Dodge And Swerve Sootie Eunice Lapin 1:28.112
5 5 Wheels Talent RUMP STEAK RACING Maryland Landmesser 1:28.134


1. Hermione Deelites

4yo mare from Dopey Donkeys Digs, Career earnings: $355,750
Overall rating: Admirable(58) – Mud-lark

Stable comments: – “The Epona is likely to be a very close race. I’m cautiously optimistic about our chances. But it’s one of the tightest fields I’ve seen in age restricted racing with any one of 6 or 7 horses in with a realistic chance of winning.  I’m keeping an eye on the wife’s ‘Nefertiti‘ (that’s not as dirty as it may sound!). And of course ‘Viking Power‘ is the outstanding horse in the field”

2. Nefertiti

4yo mare from Desert Wind Stables, Career earnings: $645,000
Overall rating: Admirable(57) – Mud-lark

Stable comments: – “Very pleased with Nefertiti’s heat time, especially considering her last outing where she came 7th. However, beating Viking Power seems unlikely.”

3. Dodge And Swerve

4yo stallion from Sootie, Career earnings: $2,190,644
Overall rating: Admirable(58) – Mud-lark

Stable comments: – “Back again to take on the Viking Power from Oz’s stable which looks the one to beat as from the previous aged cups, however can’t underestimate the other muddies here as the field looks decent and any one of them could take home the trophy.”

4. Barbie Ferrari

4yo mare from C M Pace Ranch, Career earnings: $1,487,922
Overall rating: Satisfactory(46)

Stable comments: – “Barbie Ferrari is my first attempt to train a horse past OR50 on purpose using 12 hours per week as much as possible. She’s unstyled against a bunch of superior mudlarks. All the short cups have been over slow tracks during her 2, 3 and 4yo seasons. In the Epona final I’m hoping that her XP advantage can bring her up to midpack. If she can turn out a personal best regardless of placing, I’ll be happy.”

5. Wheels Talent

4yo mare from RUMP STEAK RACING, Career earnings: $1,438,340
Overall rating: Reasonable(50) – Mud-lark

Stable comments: – “Really just making up the numbers probably after more rain which she should get and bring a heavy 10. That may bring the higher rated mares back to the field a bit”

6. Viking Power

4yo stallion from New Scotland Yard, Career earnings: $2,980,166
Overall rating: Excellent(62) – Mud-lark

Stable comments: – “

7. Type Darkest Arial

4yo stallion from DR Stables, Career earnings: $1,420,678
Overall rating: Satisfactory(48) – Mud-lark

Stable comments: – “Type Darkest Arial always seems to under perform. Just can’t get this horse right. Third place wouldn’t surprise, but being realistic top 5 should be in reach. Don’t see this horse beating Viking Power from New Scotland Yard or Dodge And Swerve from Sootie.”

8. Bronson Kaori Gold

4yo stallion from Stud Trouville, Career earnings: $674,300
Overall rating: Reasonable(53) – Early sprinter

Stable comments: – ” I think it will be a very difficult race, my horse don t have much experience and is an early Sprinter in a slow ground. Enter the top five would be a very good race.”

9. Daidoji

4yo stallion from Tony’s Trotters, Career earnings: $75,000
Overall rating: Satisfactory(49)

Stable comments: – “

10. Heitman Jingles

4yo mare from Frankel Farm, Career earnings: $977,600
Overall rating: Admirable(57) – Mud-lark

Stable comments: – “First runner at this level for my young stable, so we will be keen to make the most of the experience. We are in a bit of a race against time to get Heitman Jingles to her peak condition, so will be very happy if she can manage to finish in the money”

11. Shamrock

4yo stallion from Gray Dog Stables, Career earnings: $502,800
Overall rating: Admirable(57) – Mud-lark

Stable comments: – “Shamrock has the talent to win these races but thus far he seems to stumble in against strong competition. Nerfertiti and Hermione Deelites will be tough to break through against”

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