The Cox Plate – 25th June 2016 – Sydney Harbour Racecourse


The Cox Plate

Come Watch A Champion

The talented Patrobas has matured as a 4yo, and he gets a wonderful opportunity to register his 5th world cup win at Sydney Harbour Racecourse on Saturday. Patrobas is something special. Unbeaten in eight starts, a world cup winner at his last, he should handle the ground in his stride.

Is this a one-horse race? No doubt about it. Patrobas beat most of his rivals he meets here comprehensively and fairly and squarely in the last few cups.

We are putting our faith in Manor Park Stud and Nickole Bushweller – let’s not look for spooks!

The rest look likely to be fighting over place money.



Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 1 Patrobas Manor Park Stud Nickole Bushweller 2:01.348
2 7 B’s Riddler BIG-B Johnetta Fleer 2:03.783
3 3 Fridas Jeebus DR Stables Ferdinand Blixt 2:04.142
4 4 Big Bad Kamikaze Burgersfortheboyz Tyesha Fass 2:04.511
5 9 Harvester Of Sorro DoubleJ Ranch Candance Herschaft 2:05.041

1. Patrobas

4yo stallion from Manor Park Stud, Career earnings: $3,224,622
Overall rating: Admirable(59) – Competitive

Stable comments: – “Don’t want to put the mockers on Patrobas but every chance this horse could be the best I’ve trained. Seems to do everything so easily, cant quite put my finger on why. If he gets beat this weekend there’ll be no excuses as he seems to be over the IP he battled a bit last season”

2. Nell Unexpected

4yo mare from Rawhide, Career earnings: $832,000
Overall rating: Reasonable(53) – Fast finisher

Stable comments: – “

3. Fridas Jeebus

4yo mare from DR Stables, Career earnings: $1,441,955
Overall rating: Satisfactory(48) – Needs space

Stable comments: – “Fridas Jeebus has 11 of 14 top 5 finishes so top 5 isn’t out of the question. Fridas doesn’t have a finishing kick so she doesn’t have a chance in winning this race. Patrobas from Manor Park is the horse to beat and I don’t see anyone beating him.”

4. Big Bad Kamikaze

4yo stallion from Burgersfortheboyz, Career earnings: $476,100
Overall rating: Admirable(57) – Competitive

Stable comments: – “Patrobas looks too smart for this field. Big Bad Kamikaze is still immature and too green as he does not listen to his jockey. In his last two cup finals he did just as his name suggests and committed suicide by refusing to relax mid race. Place hope at best”

5. Ricky Fowler

4yo mare from alex park, Career earnings: $579,353
Overall rating: Adequate(36) – Breakaway

Stable comments: – “

6. Lady Diva

4yo mare from Blackjack Farms, Career earnings: $1,819,900
Overall rating: Admirable(58) – Fast finisher

Stable comments: – “A race against a multiple cup winner is always to be looked at with trepidation. A tough race and a real lack luster run in the prelims, hoping for some major improvement having a different jockey with my homebred mare Lady Diva.”

7. B’s Riddler

4yo stallion from BIG-B, Career earnings: $1,642,666
Overall rating: Admirable(57) – Mud-lark

Stable comments: – “

8. Donkey’s Bones

4yo stallion from Bones Graveyard Stud, Career earnings: $607,599
Overall rating: Reasonable(53) – Fast finisher

Stable comments: – “Don’t think I got a chance, again, its one of my own bred horse’s I got to beat”

9. Harvester Of Sorro

4yo stallion from DoubleJ Ranch, Career earnings: $762,652
Overall rating: Admirable(56) – Natural champion

Stable comments: – “

10. Smokegetsinyoureye

4yo stallion from zephyr racing stable, Career earnings: $705,871
Overall rating: Satisfactory(49) – Needs space

Stable comments: – “Smokegetsinyoureye- sired by Pembelton- named after a episode from the series “Homicide”. Horse is Legible for much easier races. Slowest runner through the heats, not a lot to get excited about. Hard seeing any horse beating Patrobas.”



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