The American Cup – 4th June 2016 – Rocky Mountain Ridge Racecourse




Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 1 Fog Wiper Team Monkfish Tiesha Rohla 1:23.319
2 3 Master Of Puppets Bristol Turks Melda Pratten 1:23.500
3 7 Young Boy YellonkY Wayne Kinker 1:23.684
4 6 Pom Queen Desert Wind Stables Xuan Lawhead 1:23.808
5 8 Lambda Provoke ghanainternational Curtis Weinzetl 1:23.917

The American Cup – 4th July/June 2016 – Rocky Mountain Ridge Racecourse – off time 18h00

The majority of Track King’s top short runners line up at Rocky Mountain Ridge Racecourse on Saturday to contest The American Cup over 1450m. The outcome will be watched with great interest by all racing fans. The pace should be fast and furious from the start. Such a strong pace will ensure a true run race, where the typical 1450m specialists may well have an advantage.

Quickness out of the gate, and distance suitability will count.

We pick multiple world winner Min Sofa as the one to beat on Saturday, with Lambda Provoke, Master Of Puppets, and Made Of Tears as ones to make the frame.

Clearly a very open race and certainly not one to go short in.

1. Fog Wiper

8yo stallion from Team Monkfish, Career earnings: $6,811,296
Overall rating: Majestic(81) – Stalker

Comments: Team Monkfish says – “I am really excited at Fog Wiper‘s chance at breaking my WC duck! He will be turning up fresh and ready after posting the 2nd best heat time, fastest from the Saturday heats. I couldn’t have picked a tougher race on paper to try given the depth of quality in the stalls, plus the host of big name trainers involved.

Foggy is more a cup than a league runner, which has been his main use in an up and coming stable like mine so far in his career. It’s always easier for a horse like him to find position in a highly competitive field, I find.

I had a good crack at Manor Park’s Kingsman recently and hope to upset one his other big names – Min Sofa, who I feel will go into the race as favourite, shortly followed by Hareeba’s Made of Tears. In reality, it is wide open and I just hope the ground remains ‘Dead’ for my own prospect.

Whatever the result, it should be a cracking race to watch!

2. Min Sofa

10yo mare from Manor Park Stud, Career earnings: $13,457,818
Overall rating: Majestic(82) – Competitive

Comments: Manor Park Stud says – “Race looks very competitive although were it on good ground I feel we’d all be racing for 2nd place behind Hareeba’s entry. Dead ground brings a few of us into it although my chances would be better if I was max XP in the distance. Did think about racing the Tiara but having won that before with Sofa I wanted a different challenge. She’s already won more than any other sprinter in the history of the game, this would be the cherry on top.”

3. Master Of Puppets

9yo stallion from Bristol Turks, Career earnings: $9,506,918
Overall rating: Marvelous(77) – Fast finisher

Comments: Bristol Turks says – “Having taken it (too) easy in the heat, Master Of Puppets (MoP) is physically in good shape going into the final. MoP is a fast finisher sprinter turned into a short runner recently. Had a couple of good performances in the league at Osaka so I thought I’d try him out on a global setting. That said, there are some really good horses in the final this season so it will be interesting how he does. I’d like to think he is good enough to finish in the money but it’ll depend on how “dry” the track is on the day. Should be a good one to watch.”

4. Shogun

10yo stallion from Estar, Career earnings: $6,142,772
Overall rating: Excellent(63)

Comments: Estar says – “Shogun is the son of Araiteuru my first Global Cup winner. She ran against some great horses as an underrated long shot in that race. I fully expect Shogun to give everyone a run for their money despite being the lowest rated horse in the field. I have my former apprentice Justice Lyons on board who should ride him with perfection.”

5. Made Of Tears

10yo stallion from Hareeba, Career earnings: $10,408,907
Overall rating: Majestic(81) – Early sprinter

Comments: Hareeba says – “Entered the heats hoping for a firm track but looking at the current forecast don’t think there’s enough sun? Looks like dead track for the final? Although I am happy with his speed in his Sunday heat which raced on dead, so think he’s a top 5 chance? Hope so anyway? Will have to keep an eye on his recovery though as he’s on a 6 day back up…”

6. Pom Queen

9yo mare from Desert Wind Stables, Career earnings: $6,047,302
Overall rating: Marvelous(78) – Competitive

Comments: Pending…..

7. Young Boy

9yo stallion from YellonkY, Career earnings: $8,514,612
Overall rating: Marvelous(75) – Competitive

Comments: YellonkY says – “I hope for money in this race. If weather would stay dead, there could be a chance for a nice result. The problem is that this horse will be ridden by this jock for the first time.”

8. Lambda Provoke

9yo stallion from ghanainternational, Career earnings: $7,046,995
Overall rating: Majestic(81)

Comments: ghanainternational says – “The qualifying times suggest it is an open race. However, Fog Wiper‘s finish caught the eye. There will be plenty of pace and the race maybe set up perfectly for the stalker.”

9. Lieutenant Dan

10yo stallion from Lisco Stables, Career earnings: $2,930,323
Overall rating: Majestic(84) – Competitive

Comments: Pending….

10. Rolla Avenida

10yo stallion from Royal Velvet Stables, Career earnings: $5,766,400
Overall rating: Marvelous(75) – Stalker

Comments: Pending….

11. Myself Tater

10yo stallion from O Buadhaigh, Career earnings: $2,358,050
Overall rating: Tremendous(70)

Comments: Pending….

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