The So You Think Cup – 28th May 2016 – Sydney Harbour Racecourse




Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 1 Poseidon captaincrusoe Jeannetta Brockus 2:05.365
2 3 Tic Tac Desert Wind Stables Norine Whelihan 2:06.576
3 4 Joe Rook Sootie Letitia Conley 2:06.585
4 5 Pippi Nik Stud Trouville Louie Willars 2:09.258
5 7 Cleon Speed Breed Melanie Arunachalam 2:09.681

The season 35 edition of the So You Think Cup will run at Sydney Harbour Racecourse on Saturday over 2050 metres.

The track is currently heavy and looking at the weather forecast, we can expect the going to be slow or heavy which will certainly suit the mud-larks in the race. The best of the mud-larks appear to be Poseidon from the captaincrusoe stable, Tic Tac from Desert Winds Stables and Joe Rook from the Sootie stable, while best of the others looks like Cleon – a good looking Natural Champion from the Speed Breed stable.

Both Sootie and Desert Wind Stables have won the So You Think cup in the past with Tutti Frutti and Seascape Scientist respectively, they will know what’s required here – I however have a leaning towards the well bred Poseidon, from the ever improving captaincrusoe stable – Poseidon looked to have a very comfortable heat and is sure to have plenty to come for the final.

It’s refreshing to see so many stables willing to test their horses against the best and even if not favourites to win, horses such as Pipi Nik and Smokin Joey will surely be working hard for top 5 finishes and gaining some valuable experience in the process.

Below are some comments from the trainers:

1. Poseidon

3yo colt from captaincrusoe, Career earnings: $428,000
Overall rating: Reasonable(51) – Mud-lark

Comments: captaincrusoe says – “I was very happy with my heat run, he came out of the race in good nick. Rhed and Sootie’s muddies are the main dangers, they have won multiple long distance cups between them and knows what it takes to wins these type of cups, its unknown territory for me really. “

2. Hissyfit

3yo filly from C M Pace Ranch, Career earnings: $615,600
Overall rating: Acceptable(42) – Fast finisher

Comments: Pending

3. Tic Tac

3yo colt from Desert Wind Stables, Career earnings: $75,000
Overall rating: Satisfactory(49) – Mud-lark

Comments: Rhed says – “Had high hopes for Tic Tac until I saw a couple of the other entries. He is on the chunky side, even for a the muddy track, but maybe we’ll get lucky on the day.”

4. Joe Rook

3yo colt from Sootie, Career earnings: $792,400
Overall rating: Reasonable(50) – Mud-lark

Comments: Pending

5. Pippi Nik

3yo colt from Stud Trouville, Career earnings: $353,200
Overall rating: Acceptable(43) – Mud-lark

Comments: mlandoni says- ” I think it will be a very difficult race, my horse doesn’t have much experience in the distance. If he can get a top five finish, it would be a very good race.”

6. Scarcev Liaison

3yo filly from crown oaks stable, Career earnings: $180,241
Overall rating: Acceptable(41)

Comments: Pending

7. Cleon

3yo colt from Speed Breed, Career earnings: $131,200
Overall rating: Reasonable(50) – Natural champion

Comments: IqaluitZen says – “Cleon might be a high rated Natural Champ, but he’s in a field full of mud-larks on a wet track. He’ll be in peak shape for the race, but he and the jockey didn’t mesh together their last race together. With any luck, they’ll strike up a strong partnership and finish in the top 3. A very long shot on winning the cup, but a top 5 finish is realistic.”

8. Sensai

3yo colt from Chaotic Neutral, Career earnings: $50,000
Overall rating: Satisfactory(46)

Comments: kazana says – “This is the first time my stable is entering a cup with a pro jockey (Tabitha just turned pro this Monday) and a pony that isn’t too far off the pace OR-wise.

It looks like it is going to be a race for muddies, though. Personally, I think Sensai’s winning chances are pretty low. He is unstyled, a few points behind the top horses in a presumably slow, long race with no XP advantage.
Our strength lies in our jockey who had excellent runs as apprentice and we can hopefully close some of the gap through a good selection of race instructions.

My goal is to upset some of the stronger horses in the field and would be delighted if we finished anywhere in the top 3.”

9. Smokin Joey

3yo colt from White Star, Career earnings: $362,000
Overall rating: Acceptable(42) – Natural champion

Comments: magicol says – “Smokin Joey is one of the newly bred horses that I believe will become a very good stayer of the future, and he is coming along nicely.

He has only raced twice and has exceeded expectations on both occasions. Not sure if he is up to win this, but am sure he will give a good account of himself.

Smokin is a good chance for a top 5 finish with his good form and having my jockey Alena Assante on his back is only a bonus. It will take a big effort to beat Sootie’s Joe Rook or Captaincrusoe’s Poseidon as it’s going to be a wet track.”

10.Tippy Flying

3yo filly from Greetwell Racing , Career earnings: $102,007
Overall rating: Adequate(39) – Stalker

Comments: Pending


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