The 2yo Sprint Breeder Cup – 14th May 2016 – Great Himalayan Racecourse




Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 6 Sangria Nephalim Seahorse Racing Ermelinda Bryans 1:12.325
2 1 Ride The Lightning Bristol Turks Stewart Pellitteri 1:12.820
3 5 Daylami Perdy North Star Vilma Pal 1:13.028
4 13 Master noseinfront Debroah Callado 1:13.346
5 10 Biarch Slapen WWE STUD Kate Garre 1:13.363

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The More, The Merrier

This race for the youngsters has been won by some high-class performers over the seasons, namely Dark Design, Mina Sofa, Brucie Chinese and Mystical Cruise.

Saturday will be the 30th renewal of this prestigious cup. In the absence of any collateral form and with so many unknowns associated with the change of ground and distance, the race really is very wide open.

Anybody’s Guess

The only guarantee in a race of this nature is that everybody wants to win and everybody will be doing their utmost to do so.

It is a once in a lifetime opportunity – for now anyway.

We are siding with the proven recipe of the big names and what has caught the eye.

1. Ride The Lightning

2yo colt from Bristol Turks, Career earnings: $46,000
Overall rating: Acceptable(42) – Fast finisher

Comments: Bristol Turks says – “Lightning is in good shape going into the final. I was pleased with his run in the heat. Got away fine and jockey performed well. Another similar run is required to place in the final. There are plenty of good horses in the final though, 2yo sprint can be and often is full of surprises so any one of 5 or 6 horses can win.”

2. Sardean To The Max

2yo filly from Sardean Lodge, Career earnings: $23,000
Overall rating: Adequate(39) – Breakaway

Comments: Sardean Lodge says – “She is a full sister and very very similar to Swick Sardeans who came 3rd in her 2yo breeders. She seemed to get held up at a vital stage in the heat so with clear running and fingers crossed we hope for a good result. She has an inexperienced jockey for sprint distances so she definitely has it against her there.”

3. Morning Poke

2yo colt from Sardean Lodge, Career earnings: $56,000
Overall rating: Acceptable(41) – Fast finisher

Comments: Sardean Lodge says – “Darcel Nagele had the choice of riding either of our horses and picked this one. He has trained nicely this week so we feel a top 5 finish is not beyond his abilities. 2yo breeders can be a lottery, any horse can win but I felt ride the Lightning will be our biggest threat even before it drew the gun run.”

4. Lilliza Amadeus

2yo colt from JamesBrown, Career earnings: $60,000
Overall rating: Adequate(38) – Early sprinter

Comments: JamesBrown says – “He was a week 2 foal out of my nice mare that I bred and I am not really expecting much as I am still working out how to run the young horses,
it also depends on his recovery.”

5. Daylami Perdy

2yo colt from North Star, Career earnings: $112,000
Overall rating: Acceptable(41) – Fast finisher

Comments: North Star says – “Daylami Perdy had a quite high XP already when he was born, and he’s responding very well in the training. He has a nice character and I hope he will run well in that competition. Our jockey is new to our stable so it will give a little extra excitement to this race.”

6. Sangria Nephalim

2yo colt from Seahorse Racing, Career earnings: $28,000
Overall rating: Acceptable(42) – Fast finisher

Comments: Seahorse Racing says – “I have two runners (Sangria Nephalim & Riddley), and that’s probably where my biggest chance is, in the numbers, haha. I’ve prepared both runners for good track condition, using the training track nearly once a week, but with the cup running this early during the season and because we’re dealing with 2yo horses it’s rare to get the other stats (mainly weight) to match the track condition. Not enough time! I haven’t really checked the opposition, but as with any cup run my aim is to make the top-5 (the zone of success) and hoping for a surprise win if all the stars align perfectly. Jockey wise I tried my best to find some good ones, but had to settle for “mediocre”. Luckily for me jockey xp is not the most important thing in youth racing though, as we’re not looking for amazing top speed. It’s about spending the right amount of fuel for the right kind of speed, lasting the distance and hoping to time it well so you don’t run out of fuel way too early.”

7. Riddley

2yo filly from Seahorse Racing, Career earnings: $0
Overall rating: Acceptable(42) – Fast finisher

Comments: See comments on Sangria Nephalim

8. Valasca

2yo filly from Thunderspark Racing, Career earnings: $28,000
Overall rating: Adequate(38) – Breakaway

Comments: Pending….. 

9. Dobbin Ted

2yo colt from Hawk Downs, Career earnings: $0
Overall rating: Moderate(32) – Early sprinter

Comments: Hawks Downs says – “Honestly I think that despite there only being a few 100ths of a second between 8 of us in the previous race,where my horse Dobbin Ted finished 8th I don’t see my horse improving for this race and I have put an inexperienced jockey on. I think that Lilliza Amadeus is the likely winner. Not sure whether my horse will be fully fit either.”

10. Biarch Slapen

2yo colt from WWE STUD, Career earnings: $147,500
Overall rating: Adequate(35) – Fast finisher

Comments: Pending….. 

11. Hit-Girl

2yo filly from regalroller, Career earnings: $0
Overall rating: Adequate(35) – Breakaway

Comments: regalroller says – “The stable is happy with the preparation leading into the race.The jockey is new to the stable and handled himself well in the heat. As a class 3 stable I’m happy just to have made the final against the big stables, feel like we will be making up the numbers here but will also learn plenty. Think master and ride the lightning are the ones to beat.”

12. Avalanche

2yo filly from skifam21, Career earnings: $0
Overall rating: Acceptable(41) – Fast finisher

Comments: skifam21 says – “I don’t really have much to say. I really thought I would have posted a little better results. And then I was waiting to enter the final, something came up with one of my kids and the next thing I know, last to enter!! That sucks. I think that is going to hurt my chances… I would like to place 5th. I still am struggling with race instructions. That is a big disappointment. Also my jockey sucks. Haven’t figured him out. Has no moral. So to round it off doesn’t look good for me. But I’ll change up instructions and let em ride!”

13. Master

2yo filly from noseinfront, Career earnings: $92,000
Overall rating: Adequate(35) – Early sprinter

Comments: noseinfront says – ” My 2yo filly Master won one of the breeders sprint heats very narrowly, I was surprised with the win as she was about the 5th rated in the race. The final is wide open and anyone could win. I just hope I have the right race instructions and she can get the distance. My jockey only has a satisfactory rating for sprints so that could be the difference in winning or losing. I am giving Master a few hours of beach gallops today to hopefully give it a boost of stamina.”

14. Riverman

2yo colt from 5 Card Stud, Career earnings: $36,471
Overall rating: Adequate(39) – Fast finisher

Comments: 5 Card Stud says – ” Riverman has every chance and no chance, just hoping there are enough withdrawals so that he can come 5th. The jockey and horse hate the sight of each other since they went out drinking together in their previous prerace lash up.”

15. Kanawa Bandido

2yo filly from Double U Stables, Career earnings: $46,000
Overall rating: Adequate(36) – Fast finisher

Comments: Double U Stables says – “No chance. Just going for xp and maybe a surprise.”

16. Vliegje

2yo filly from Dark Dream Farms, Career earnings: $0
Overall rating: Adequate(37)

Comments: Dark Dream Farms says – “I am not really sure of my chances. I have changed the jockey instructions. I believe that the jockey I will have on her will be better. I am using a lot of vets of course. And some training to-nite but not much. I don’t want to over work her. I believe Sardean’s horse will be one to be reckoned with. I really don’t know if she has a chance but I wanted to give her one. I think she used herself up in the first race too soon. So I have changed that.”

17. How Do

2yo filly from O Buadhaigh, Career earnings: $56,000
Overall rating: Moderate(31) – Fast finisher

Comments: Pending….. 

18. Preview Dodgem

2yo colt from Moonlit Morning, Career earnings: $55,400
Overall rating: Adequate(38) – Natural champion

Comments: Moonlit Morning says – “Not looking to win. I’ve had some difficulties in training that made Preview Dodgem not as prepared as he should have been and he and my jockey don’t seem to mesh well. That being said, we are hoping for a good run regardless.”

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