Cup weekend recap – 23rd April 2016



The Lowe Cup – Sydney Harbour Racecourse

Winning connections: Relaunch – Angel’s Flight – Clara Colla

Comments from the stable: “Happy to see the TC Champ Relaunch find his winning ways and get back into the winner circle. We had some IP issues an got injured at the end of last season going after the mudlarks in the Cox Plate.

Thought I may have pushed him a little to hard, which I was still proud of his effort, but didn’t know if he would be ready to race week 2/3 for the Lowe Cup.

With his lackluster heat race, I wasn’t too concerned, I was probably being a little overly cautious and figured if I can get him to the finals unscathed, then he will perform well on the Big Stage, which he proved me right.

Future plans – I’m always tempted to go after another Triple Crown, but with the 2nd leg weather predictions setting up to be on a wet track, I will have to think long and hard going against the mudlarks, especially since they have been training and resting up this season.”


The Lowe Guineas – Sydney Harbour Racecourse

Winning connections: Shadow Warrior – RCS Locos – Wayne Kinker

Comments from the stable: —-None available at moment——–


Up & Coming Sprintstar – Sydney Harbour Racecourse

Winning connections: Blue Cretheus – captaincrusoe – Lorna Osaki

Comments from the stable: “The lead up to this race has been much better than his previous outing. The previous jockey ruined any chance I had in the previous cup, by ignoring all my race instructions in the heat, which was the 2nd fastest ever for the age group over the distance and ground. The jockey I used today, runs true to instructions and has been in my yard for a few seasons. Credit must go to the stable who trained him – PLEINVENT. The only glitch for the week was training on Monday, never expected stride to increase to 6,4m.

The race panned out as expected, as I wanted to jump well, lead before the turn, have a breather and try and outstay the opposition with a sustained run.

The runner from the Happy Skipper Stable American Pharoah put up a gallant effort in second. Kudos to him for a great run.

We will see most of these runners in a MATCH RACE soon, watch this space.”


The Movember Crown – Sydney Harbour Racecourse

Winning connections: Kingsman – Manor Park Stud – Nickole Bushweller

Comments from the stable: “Race – Hoped to get out early and let the horse dictate the pace as runs best that way and that’s how it panned out. Once he settled into an early rhythm he picked up the pace on around halfway and made it a true run race. Didn’t want to burn too much energy too early as feared the stalkers turn of foot.

Planning – After the previous run and near defeat upped his bottom 3 stats a bit as seemed to hit a flat spot around the 1400m mark.

Jockey – No surprises there really. Currently they get on really well but Bushweller isn’t getting any younger. Once the OR is a little higher will likely start using an aggro to try really extract the most from Kingsman.

Future – Hope to give Wild Smokeys WR’s a bit of a shake but not sure how feasible that’ll be, no horses have come close recently. Will aim for a MM or two but main aims will be the open WC’s”


The Appy Chappy Cup – London Bridge Racecourse

Winning connections: Blue Agrius – captaincrusoe – Garth Puller (A)

Comments from the stable: “Blue Agrius has always been one of my favorite horses. He had a perfect preparation, resting for the last two to three weeks, while the main contenders ran theirs in the heat last week. The apprentice has never raced any of my top horses and I didn’t know what to expect. Instructions was to go out, enjoy the ride, try and lead and hope for the best. Just glad for both that they could have pulled it off, in a good time as well.”


The Best Puller Ever – London Bridge Racecourse

Winning connections: Wraith Slapper – TiltaWhirl – Delfina Develbiss (A)

Comments from the stable: “Wraith Slapper was max pull on the first day eligible(no YSC facility), happened to be the best I’d pull in past season. With D.D. my long app. ready to turn pro in couple weeks, I went gave 6hrs ea BGxCC, no Training track.

Race went as I envisioned, get out in front, make them run me down if going to beat us, and luckily Wraith & D.D. held on.

Wraith will probably stay in stable as an app trainer.”


The Diamond Cup – River Nile Delta Racecourse

Winning connections: Bop Sticky – swindin – Jewel Santamarina

Comments from the stable: —-None available at moment——–

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