2yo Championship Series – Season 34

2yo championship series

Season 34

This Friday, March 18th 2016, is the race finals for the 2yo Championship Series. This series had officially became part of the world cup circuit fifteen seasons ago in September 2012. But the history of these races goes back even deeper then that. The birth of the first race goes all the way back to Season 3, with a stable owner back then by the name of Maestro creating the Golden Slipper in Australia.

A series began to form several seasons later and the race began to take on different names throughout the seasons and years and you had stables like the legendary Manor Park keeping the series alive and well. In August of 2012 Track King was embarking on it 5th year anniversary and a stable owner by the name of Hareeba had taken over the series (formerly know as the Australian 2yo Series) with some new changes in the works presenting the four races you see today. But it was also agreed upon by Track King creator and owner TK Hairboy that each winner of the race will be presented with a nice beautiful trophy.

In September 2012, the first trophies was presented and the series became even bigger in popularity. In Season 30 the name changed and became the 2yo Championship Series due to the realignment of a new cup schedule and now officially run across different region across the world every season.

What make these cups so special is that they are sponsored with and open heart by the community each season which make these cups very unique in there own way because they are community owned and community ran. The tradition of these cups run as deep and as long as most can remember and way before a lot of players even decided to join Track King, so there is a lot of history with these races.

Thank you to all the sponsors from all around the world throughout the seasons and years for there dedication and support in keeping probably one of the best traditions in the game alive today.

Special thanks goes out to Hareeba, for his unconditional time each season to coordinate what turned out to be not only a fantastic series, but a tradition that people can honestly say for the community by the community.


Golden Slipper


Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 5 Angel From Hell DR Stables Dominque Donlin 1:11.297
2 13 Hay List Hareeba Cheyenne Ruter 1:11.558
3 6 Dirtylittlesecret DR Stables Valentin Angeline 1:11.783
4 11 Guitar Bandido Fruits Folly Tricia Vagnier 1:11.882
5 4 Revenge Jakobs Fairlawns Ira Gonzoles 1:12.024

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Sires Produce


Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 1 American Liberty Angel’s Flight Yevette Simkowitz 1:25.554
2 4 Wife Doesn’t Play Troublemaker’s Greg Quann 1:26.000
3 7 King’s Rapture strawberry roam Maya Heier 1:26.029
4 6 Choir Girl KILL BILL Lisha Ayles 1:26.159
5 3 Headspin Trevs Corrin Alcantara 1:26.196

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Champagne Stakes


Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 2 Whole Lotta Love Bristol Turks Stewart Pellitteri 1:36.516
2 7 Brazen Beau Pugstable Luz Vanham 1:36.728
3 8 Cream Pie Windy Hill Sharen Schlichter 1:37.088
4 6 Bozo The Clown Angel’s Flight Nickole Femmer 1:37.148
5 4 Doodee Rolly Rawhide Temeka Calabria 1:37.157

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Grand Prix Stakes


Final Result
Pos Gate Horse Stable Jockey Time
1 9 Joe Rook Sootie Letitia Conley 2:05.464
2 6 Big Bad Eruption Burgersfortheboyz Ossie Wenstrand 2:06.577
3 7 Andover Citation JEDIMIND Scotty Schronce 2:07.438
4 3 Algetyea Seahorse Racing Roselle Samaroo 2:07.526
5 1 Out Of Luck Team Monkfish Elmer Broersma 2:07.965

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