One On One Interview with Inca57 – Part 1

Lets start the live feed, ladies and gentleman, we have a one on one interview with one of Track Kings finest and a racing legend of the game, we are talking to Dr Stable owner Inca57. A 20 time World Cup Champion, a 12 time Breeders Cup winner. Just this weekend we seen this champion trainer win the Amethyst Trophy on a good track with a mudlark horse by the the name of Captain Morgan. Lets give a warm of applause and a big welcome to Inca57.

Q: Welcome to Track King Nuts Inca57, lets start with what lead you to the game

Thanks, first let me say that Track King Nuts is a great addition to the game.

I was playing another horse racing game at the time and there wasn’t much to do. Racing was only once or twice a week and you couldn’t watch the races, you just looked to see were your horse finished. Got bored so I checked out a few other horse racing sites and found this one. Been hooked ever since.

Q: Your been in the game since Jan 2009 and would of seen many changes to the game any gripes what have you liked or disliked

It’s Hairboy’s game and I believe he puts a lot of thought into changes before he implements them. When it comes to changes I just try to roll with them. With that being said I probably was skeptical about some of them. Wasn’t worried about how it would affect me, but how it would affect other players.

When the bots horses were improved I thought that it would scare away a lot of players that didn’t put a lot of time into the game. At the time a lot of class 1 stables had 30-40 rated horses. They wouldn’t be able to compete and would give up playing.

Also, adding IP was a good way to stop players from racing a horse 2 to 3 times a week. Speeding up injury profile, now in 21 days the horse should be fit.

I’ve never trained a monster rated horse, so the restrictions on training didn’t affect me. But I don’t think it’s fair to restrict the increases for players that take the time to train a monster horse.

Q: Being a veteran of the game is there anything you feel could make the game better that has not been considered

I think adding bottom generated stake races like non winners of 2 races for 3yo’s and races like that would generate more interest in stake races. Players could race their young horses and gain experience without facing high rated older horses. Adding harness racing and 3d would be great additions.

Q: What have you done to keep the passion up to play for so long and have such good success

I don’t think it’s passion that keeps me playing. I think it’s addiction. Seriously, I try changing the way I play to keep the game interesting and challenging. I like racing so if I don’t have horses to enter for stake nights I’ll buy some horses just to have something to watch on Monday and Friday’s. After the races I give most to school kids.

When I first started I couldn’t breed high rated foals, so I decided if I wanted to compete in cups my horses would need to have more distance experience than the other horse. This helped me win some breeders cups until everyone else started training for experience than that edge was gone.

Another thing that helps is distance experience and race instructions. Having high overall ratings is nice, but it’s not everything. I’ve never had the highest rated horse in a cup race. In fact my horses are usually the lowest in the race.

Q: Any tips for new players or those that might be stagnant and not enjoying the game on what might get them going

Before new players jump into the game they should read the help files as many times as needed to get a grasp on how to play the game. Also, they shouldn’t run to the auction right away. Save their money until they can afford some decent horses. Can’t stress enough, do not sell their starter horses. They are low on ratings but have decent race experience. They should ask for a mentor to help them get started. Even if it’s to ask an occasional question now and than.

For players that are getting stagnant, hang in there. Try changing the way your playing the passion will return when you finally breed a decent horse that has a chance to be something special.

To be continued Part 1 of 2

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