Chloe Bows Out – In Style!


Calloway Chloe rounded off his illustrious track career on Thursday in a regional race, but before that he cruised to a facile victory in the $1,300,000 Sussex Stakes at London Bridge Racecourse on Saturday at London Bridge Racecourse– leaving a couple of world cup winners eating humble pie in his immediate wake. The time recorded was 1:31,484 – 62,96km/h. (WR 63,38km/h)

He made 46 racecourse appearances, that saw him notch up an impressive three world cups, winning 16 races and took his earnings to $11,317,075.

Mack Daddy from the Sootie yard ran his heart out, kept a blistering pace and only got run out of it in the last furlong.

The other trainers must have surely been tearing their hair out, slow starts cost them any chance, and they had to watch the race unfold from the back.

Watch the race unfold

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