Guides – Graduating Your Apprentice Jockey

After having your Apprentice Jockey for around 350 days. It is time to think about graduating him or her.

This can be tricky if you are using them all of the time. Mostly because you cant graduate them if they are in a race, and if the jockey is your main runner this can cause some timing issues. Also once they are a Pro they can no longer run in App Only Races. But there are benefits to graduating them. If you have done your job well, and they have a distance or two near max experience you have created yourself a Cheapish Pro Jockey for you to use in most events. They will cost 20-100 times what they do as apprentices when they go pro. Also other stables can steal your pride and joy if you don’t hire them back from vacation first. 

Here are some tips before you graduate your jockey.

Before you graduate your Apprentice make sure to assign all of your app points, if you don’t you will lose them.

You can rename your Apprentice Jockey for 1 credit if you ask one of the GMs.


First thing is to graduate your Apprentice.

There are some final steps that you need to do to finish up with your Apprentice. Go to your Apprentice Jockeys Page and as seen to the left click on the “Grant this jockey a full Racing License?” which will be a link This will take you to the next picture on the left.

Here you will get to pick from your eligible Apprentice Jockeys. As it says on the screen, you can only graduate apps that have been in your stable at least 4 weeks and up to 1 year. If you miss the 1 year deadline they will automatically graduate to the Class that you got them in. Also they will automatically go on vacation.

Click on the Apprentice you wish to graduate and on to the next screen.

Here you will all 6 classes listed. Also it will tell you how many of that prestige jockeys are in each class. If you want your jockey to be hired by others going to one of the classes that there are few available jockeys and many unavailable jockeys would be the class to go to.

If you want to keep your jockey all to yourself, sending them to opposite would be the way to go.

If you send your App to a class below C1 they will over time “graduate” to higher classes with earnings that they receive through racing. This will include all money earned as an apprentice.

The weekly price of the jockey is the full price that anyone can pay to use the jockey, as the trainer of the jockey and the parent stable you can hire all your Ex-Apps for half the listing price, but only for 28 days at a time. Outside stables could get your Ex-App from anywhere from 15 days to 78 days at a time for a single hire, this can of course be extended to longer with the Conference Room Facility.

Theoretically C1 Jockeys are the best. Also there are the most players in C1 which means more people can hire out your jockey if you are not careful. But C1 Jockeys are also the most expensive. If you decide to Promote your Jockey to a class other than C1, the cost of them will increase when they graduate to the higher levels at the end of each season. Usually fairly significantly. So a Jockey when you first Graduate might cost $70k originally in C1, if started in C6 could cost over $250k a week in C1 5 seasons later. They will graduate to the next level after every $2.5mil in race earnings.

One of the very nice things about Ex-App jockeys is that if they are from your barn you can hire them from any class, unlike traditional Pro Jockeys. Which means if you are a C1 player you can use a C4 Ex-App and vice versus. This means that graduating your Apprentice Jockeys comes with lots of choices, just like anything in the game.

Once you have picked your class for your jockey you can then decide if you want to hire them for the next 28 days at the Ex-App price, which will be half of the normal listing fee. If you hire them out you will get to use them at the current morale that you have them at, and you can just start using them in races. If you decide not to, they will automatically go on vacation, and you will get an game PM (Personal Message) about when they will approximately be coming back. This information can also be seen in your stable diary The times will vary and the time that you are told that they will be coming back in the diary will be based on what the morale of the jockey was when they went on vacation. The PM time will be more general, and could be off by a fair bit.

A word of caution Jockeys can come back both early and late from vacations. Also if you have not had the jockey right before they go on vacation you will not get a time in your diary, only a PM.

As a side note, Pro Jockeys are ALWAYS more Aggressive than Apprentice Jockeys, even the same one. Be forewarned. Make sure to adjust your Jockey Race Instructions once a jockey has gone Pro.

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